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Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103; May 19, 2021

Recognizing Retirees & Years of Service

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District 103 is proud to honor three educators who have spent a portion of their lives teaching and serving our children.

  • Daniel Wright Technology Specialist Ann Blomberg will retire after 25 years in District 103

  • Daniel Wright Secretary Janet Lyman will retire after 24 years in District 103

  • Sprague First-Grade Teacher Helen Friedli will retire after 9 years in District 103

Of their retirement, Dr. Scott Warren, Superintendent, said, "Each of these individuals has played a crucial role in helping our children grow to be Leaders in Learning and preparing them to be role models even after they leave our district. These retirees leave a legacy of positivity impacting our families."

Years of Service

The Board also thanked the following individuals for their years of service to District 103. Thank you to the dedicated staff of D103!


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