SWO ESL Consortium Meeting

Friday, 8 May 2015. 8:30am - 11:30am at HCESC

Thank you for coming this morning!

If you have any additional questions, please email to:


MEETING DATES FOR 2015-2016: all meetings at HCESC

Sept 10th, Thurs (8:30 - 11:30am)

Dec 4th, Friday (8:30 - 11:30am)

Feb 25th, Thurs (12:30 - 3:30pm)

May 13th, Friday (8:30 - 11:30am)

CCIP Information

FOR DISTRICTS IN CONSORTIUM (under $10,000): Lau has decided clarification is needed within the CCIP on how districts are spending funds. The ESC will now be sending out CCIP pages to show what we are spending so that it can be shown on your own forms. Also, within the District Initiative Forms, we we provide additional information to you on how that money is spent.

Fall PD dates

Effective Strategies for Content Teachers of ELLs (SIOP): Sept 28 and Oct 12 at Scarlet Oaks Adult Ed, room 200. 8:30 - 3:30. $200. Ashland credit available.

Ohio Standards for English Language Learners: Sept 17 at HCESC. 8:30 - 12:00. $100

To register: http://www.hcesc.org/

Free Summer Workshop - Unaccompanied Minors

At Houston Conference Center, June 10th. 12:00 - 3:00.


Call Mary Beth Greco: 513.674.4259

ELL Institute - Lau/ODE

4-day workshop to be held at HCESC in July.

July 20 - July 23rd.

Day 1 on ELPA standards.

Day 2-4 on SIOP .

Geared towards districts who have not met AMAOs.

ESL Instructional Guides

Working with Non-Pubs

1. Policy

a. Can use Title II funds to purchase initial assessments for non-pubs (ie, IPT/LAS Links)

2. Pricing for Services

3. Other Questions


NPDS has replaced the NS3. Archdiocese has done training with their people.

Their identified kids are then dropped into district’s allotment.

It’s okay for public schools to require a HLS in order to appropriately identify ELLs. Districts should provide consultation around this.

Consider training someone in the non-pub to administer the assessment or use your own personnel (see pricing sheet). Please consider using pricing sheet regionally so that there is consistency in what is being charged.

Charter schools are not considered non-pubs.

Title III follows the child’s district in which district they are being educated. The district in which the non-pub resides will get the money, not the district where the student lives. (i.e., Fairfield child goes to a no-npub in Princeton district, so the Title III money goes to Princeton)

Public schools can charge for the administration of OTELA (per Abdi’s CPS correction email).

Question: What if a student transfers from non-pub to non-pub – the new non-pub would not get that allocation until they report the student and get the funding for the following year.

Non-pubs who take kids on vouchers MUST provide the state assessments, which means OTELA. Many non-pubs don’t realize that it’s a state assessment.

Suggestion for HCESC to host the informational meetings for all non-pubs within the consortium so that everyone is hearing the same message.

Title III Funds and Translators:

Translators for anything other than testing can be paid through Title III. For testing, general funds should be used (Title III should supplement general fund since translators is a requirement).

Travel Grants for ESL teachers

Up to $300 available for teachers to attend OhioTESOL or TESOL conferences.

OhioTESOL Awards

Ohio TESOL Awards:

The Ohio TESOL Board is on the search for some of the most outstanding Ohio TESOL members in the state!

If you know one of these individuals, please nominate them so that they can be considered for one of these prestigious awards. Please share this call for nominations with other educators you may know.

The three awards (below) are given out each fall at the Ohio TESOL conference (Oct. 30-31, 2015).

The winner of each award will receive an Ohio TESOL Certificate, $100 cash and a 3 year membership to Ohio TESOL.

Ohio TESOL Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • Excellence within one or more areas of the field of ESL
  • Distinguished leadership
  • Service to the profession
  • Actions that support the mission of Ohio TESOL

Ohio TESOL Excellence in Teaching Award:

  • Responsiveness to his/her teaching situation and students.
  • Ability to motivate and encourage students as well as engage them in productive and challenging learning.
  • Contributions to the school, community, and profession in a variety of ways
  • Continuing professional development.

George Hertrich Service Award

* Contributions to Ohio TESOL

* Distinguished leadership

* Experience in the ESL field

§* Service to the profession

For information regarding eligibility, criteria and nomination forms, go to www.TESOL.org for details. Deadline for all awards is September 1, 2015.

PD for ESL teachers - TESOL Academies

PD for Content Teachers of ELLs - TESOL Online

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PARCC testing

How is your district doing with testing?

1. Best place to take concerns is the Office of Assessment (Paula Mahaley - she attends PARCC Consortium meetings and will take feedback). Andrew Hinkle is a wonderful resource to answer any and all questions.

2. Interpreters cannot use anything other than word-to-word dictionary. They were very frustrated. Sometimes the interpreters do not understand the terms and need a full dictionary themselves.

3. Why are students not exempt under 180-day rule for American History (other than need for graduation?) Does it need to be modified? When it is offered it a local decision - it CAN be put off for a year or two at the secondary level. 4th and 6th grade AIR is not the same.

4. Currently NO EXEMPTION criteria for LEP students.

5. Need to develop a list of "Ask-fors" from the region.

ELPA Standards

1. How are districts sharing with ESL teachers?

2. How are districts doing PD?

- Mapping around new standards to materials and lesson planning with ESL teachers. Also had used to write SLOs for this current year.

- PD to help ESL teachers understand shifts in common core. Summer curriculum writing with ELA teachers and ESL teachers so that the curriculum will be supportive.


Needs Assessment for 2015-2016

1. Additional SIOP trainings

2. Standards trainings

3. ELPA trainings

4. dictionaries ?? (more of a compliance piece, not an academic support piece)

5. Non-pubs fees?

6. Trainings for administrators - add charters, non-pubs

7. Host a non-pub informational session ("once-and-done") for THEM

8. Intro to ELLs for Content teachers

9. Purchasing additional initial assessments (IPT/LAS-Links)

Improving Historical Writing

PD opportunity below:

ELL Foundation

Scholarships available to ELL students in the region. They are due in February (think about for next year!) Documentation status is NOT ASKED. Used for college tuition.


ELLevation - for LEP Plans

Hamilton has been looking into this but it only has WIDA standards, but will be integrating ELPA soon.

Has LEP Planning located within (would have to replace Powerschool....could not just seperate)

EdInsights - Norwood likes this, Hamilton, too. (they like the RTI piece of this)


Some teachers have TELL certificate: This is NOT a TESOL Endorsement. A district can hire a non-endorsed teacher IF you post, make a good faith effort to find an endorsed teacher and cannot you can hire someone who is working towards an endorsement if they have at least 6 semester hours of TESOL or bilingual and has 3 years to complete the full endorsement. (see page 8 of the guidance document below)