Atlantic Hurricane Project

By: Adrian Allotey

Bermuda High

What Is It?

The Bermuda High pressure system lays over the Atlantic during the summer. It is filled with high pressure right next to the East of the U.S.A.

What Does It Do?

It determines where Hurricanes go. When a Hurricane gets close the pressure from the Bermuda High makes the Hurricane turn around it. With the high pressure the water is water is warmed up.

How does it relate to Hurricanes?

When Hurricanes move toward the  Bermuda High they change direction. If the high is further out in the Atlantic, the odds are that the Hurricanewill curve an go out to sea. On the other hand, if the high is further west,the Hurrican eca impact theEast or Gulf Coast of the U.S.A.

El Nino

How did the name come to be and how was it discovered?

One day some some spanish fishermen noticed that warm water came every few years during Christmastime. Since the fisherman believed in the birth of Christ, they named it El Nino.

What is it?

It is the strange warming of surface ocean waters that appear in the easter tropical Pacific. It is part of the Southern Oscillation, the see-saw pattern of reversing surface air pressure between the Eastern and Western tropical Pacific.

How does it effect us?

Rainfall increases causing floods. It also causes drought in the West Pacificwhich leads to brush fires in Australia.

How does it relate to Hurricanes?

During winter time the weather is cold in some areas, not near the El Nino area. The combination of the temperatures  causes Hurricanes to form.

El Nina

What is It?

El Nina is the exact opposite of El Nino. Instead of hot water there is cool water.

Water Temperature

How does it relate to hurricanes?

The hotter the water temperature the easier it is for Hurricanes to form. Cold water temperature cause the the Hurricane to slowly die down.