The Road to Perserverance


Perverseness is the commitment toward ones goals or dreams through obstacles or hardships.

Catching Kayla (Sequence)

Kayla Montgomery was a shy girl who used to play soccer. One day in a game she fell during a game and later that night after the game her feet and legs didn't feel right, they were having a tingling feeling. So then she got a MRI and the doctor diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis. This meant that she could not play soccer anymore because soccer as a contact sports, so she started to run. First she got onto the varsity team and the she was fast enough to join the boys running team and finally she became the fastest girl in all of North Carolina. Because she has Multiple Sclerosis, it is hard for her because when she is running, the more hot her muscles get, she gets less feeling in her legs so since she looses feeling in her legs, she does not know how fast she is going and she cant pace herself. Even though she cant feel her legs and running is dangerous for her, she still does it. One day it was her last race, it was a special championship. But halfway into the race she fell and she fell way behind. After she fell she got up and she kept running. Finally she caught up with every one and then she became first. Kayla persevered and won the race and ended the race like very other one, by being caught by her coach.

Caine's Arcade (Sequenece)

Caine is just an ordinary boy and he's just like everybody else. His dad works at an auto parts store in California. On weekends Caine goes to work with his dad. At his dads work they get a lot of boxes and Caine likes to make things out of them. Caine uses the boxes to make arcade games because he loves to go to the arcade with his dad and play the games. Since Caine loves arcade games, he makes them out of the boxes his dad gets at work. His store is only open on weekends and he doesn't have many costumers. At his store he sells a Fun Pass for $5 and the Fun Pass is good for 500 games. One day a man came to his dad's store to buy some parts for his car and he saw Caine's games, he asked him if he could play and the man bought a fun pass. The man felt bad that not many people came to his arcade so he made a Facebook page and he started to raise money and sooner or later they raised over 100,000 dollars for a college fund for Caine. After they raised the money the man and Caine's dad wanted to surprise him and they had a ton of people come and line up for his games and they all played his games and Caine was really happy.

Jackie Robinson's cause to get to succeed

Jackie Robinson was on the LA Dodgers and was disliked by many people because he was an African American man. African Americans were not allowed to play in the Major League of Baseball. Many people would call him names and hurt him physically and mentally.
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How Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson have things in common (Compare & Contrast

Jackie Robinson was an African American baseball player that was accepted into the Major League of Baseball by a man named Branch Rickey. At the time African Americans were not allowed to play major league baseball so when he was put on the LA Dodgers, the other teammates did not like him. Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in office.
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Rosetu and the Carp (Problem & Solution)

Rosetsu was a painter in China that was a "stupid" pupil. He was taught by Okyo Maruyama Okyo. Okyo would try to teach him new things but Rosetsu was not getting any better. For years we would fail again and again until he found the Carp. Rosestu would try so hard and put in so much work and time but he just wasn't improving. Rosetsu thought about killing him self one night after coming home from the studio but then he saw a carp jumping on to the ice on a frozen lake trying to get a biscuit that was laying on the ice. The carp was jumping an the sharp ice cutting himself and loosing many scales just to get a small piece of food. After a long time of the carp trying he finally got the biscuit and this gave Rosetsu the conviction that if he tried again and again, harder than before he could get better. After he saw the carp, he didn't stop painting and after seeing the carp persevere and get the biscuit he didn't stop painting and then he became a very famous painter. If Rosetsu did not see the carp getting the biscuit he would have never got the message that he could be just like the carp and keep trying.