December News

November/December Mme Dufort and Mme Kavanagh

We welcome Mme VanKats to our class!

Mme Anita VanKats will begin in the class on December 2nd. She came to meet the students on two occasions prior to beginning. Mme VanKats will be teaching English, Science, health, and some math. Madame Andrea Kavanagh will teach français, Social Studies, Art and most of math.

The University of Manitoba Bisons are Volunteering with our Students!

Every Wednesday from 9 - 10 a few athletic students from U of M will read, answer questions and provide attention and support to our students. We have participated in this program before and are thrilled to take part in this opportunity.

Science de la nature

Structure and design is our theme. Students have built mini-structures out of popsicle sticks. They reinforced cubes and compared what made some cubes so strong. We have finished our Design process plans. Students made a mini-golf course. Each group was responsible for one hole. The course must include 3D shapes (math) and three ways to join materials. Students were motivated after watching Caine's Arcade. (linked below). Our next theme will be forces and magnetism.

Social Studies

We have compared our needs agains our wants. We need shelter, water, food and love. Despite what our students say; IPod, video games, fancy clothes are "wants".

A mini theme is citizenship and what it means to belong. Students integrated technology and geography with where Students guess where they are "dropped" in the world, by looking for signs, language, roads and animals. Upcoming theme will be Continents, Oceans and specific countries. We are hoping to mystery Skype classes from around the world and ask questions to determine where they are located.

English Language Arts

We have been working on teaching specific CAFE reading strategies; Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expanding Vocabulary. Even good readers can benefit from expanding their vocabulary or speaking with expression and proper pacing (Fluency).

We wrote postcards to Veterans during Remembrance Day week, expressing gratitude and hope. Students created cooperative art that was featured during our assembly. We read the book, Who's That Man by Canadian Marny Duncan-Cary

Weekly homework is given on Monday and due on Friday. Keep up the home reading! Students have been writing stories at the computer lab with Storybird. They can also use their account at home.

Who's That Man? book (full version) by Marny Duncan-Cary


We encourage daily conversations among students. They start their day by inquiring about each other. What is your favourite sport? What do you like to do in winter? We have weekly meetings to find out how we are getting along and if there are any events we need to celebrate or solve.

Students participated in a group poem during Remembrance Day celebrations.

We continue to feature sounds and brainstorm vocabulary.

Super hero attributes were a mini-theme to celebrate Mme Dufort and to get the students creative writing jump started. Who knew that super hero attributes such as, great hearing, observation skills, quick reflexes and perseverance also come in handy while teaching?

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Warm Clothes and Agenda

Please ensure that your child has mittens, a hat, warm boots and ski pants. We have a few students with very wet legs after the morning walk. If you are having challenges finding warm apparel, let us know. We can be resourceful! Students go outside most of the winter!

Please continue to use the agenda if questions, concerns or appointments arise.


It has been such a pleasure working with this group of kids. Amongst them I saw artists, builders, scientist, writers, poets, mathematicians and most importantly, good citizens of the world. I will miss them!

Thank-you for all of your support and kind words.

Mme Dufort