Moon Over Manifest

By, Clare Vanderpool

By, Clara


When Abilene's father Gideon sends her away she jumps of the train at Manifest. She finds a Lucky Bill cigar box under a floor boar. It is filled with a cork, a fish hook, a skeleton key, a silver dollar and a tiny baby doll. It also had a letter dressed to someone named Jinx, it talked about a spy named the Rattler. Abilene must find the Rattler! When she and her friends are of searching around town she finds a note that says Leave Well Enough Alone. It seems that no one in Manifest knows about her father Gideon. Soon she and her friends are on a heartfelt spy hunt. So Abilene wanders down the Path to Perdition and meets Miss Sadie the towns diviner. and as she hears stories about Manifest and goes on spy hunts she also brings the whole town together. This heartwarming mystery is a must read!

Book trailer

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Moon Over Manifest Book Trailer


The genre of Moon Over Manifest is Historical Fiction. It also has elements of mystery and fantasy.


This story takes place in the small town of Manifest. Majority of the story takes place in 1936 but there are flash backs to 1917


About Abilene

Abilene is curious because she looks for the Rattler even when the only lead she has is the letter from Ned to Jinx. Abilene is also curious because she wanders down the Path to Predition even when she does not know what is at the end. Abilene is also loyal because she wants to find Gideon's legacy even when he sent her away. She also shows loyalty when she continues to work for Ms.Sadie when she could leave. Abilene demonstrates determination by continuing her search despite facing many obstacles such as feelings of abandoned by her father and lack of clues.