Social media: A tool

Syria, Egypt

Social media and what it means


Media today has been revolutionized into instantaneous news updates and almost into a personal bibliography where one can share their whole life experiences. Media today has been able to serve in a very positive way by the means of being able to share pictures that may be concerning to a community, a country, or all around the globe. It’s a tool that has been able to highlight the adversities of the world and to get a different insight into one’s personal experiences with a tragic event; it’s never been more exemplified than the Syrian and Egyptian revolutions. Large new networks such as CNN, Fox News, and many more major news networks would constantly receive important news just through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles from those who are in the midst of those conflicts. So personally I believe that media is a useful tool that has been increasing in use over the past five to ten years.

Being media literate means to understand the different types of communication weather that be social media, newspapers, and television and be able to interpret various types of media, (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) such as recognizing what a “retweet” may mean or what learning how to read article or view a shared article. Today it is a valuable tool to be able to be media literate because it allows one to be quickly informed on global topics that may affect someone’s life and allowing them to have a say in they may be concerned in.

Super bowl Precies

Super Bowl Commercial Précis

In Axe’s Super Bowl commercial “Make Love Not War” (2014) Axe early on was known to make “dirty boys clean” are now taking a new approach that associates they’re new Peace fragrance with love and harmony by depicting infamous leaders (Kim Jong Un, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) and historic wars (World War II, Vietnam War) by displaying a potential of catastrophic events but bringing them to be a loving scene between a man and women. In the commercial Axe used four different circumstances all which seemed to have disastrous implications whether it be propaganda filled demonstration for a young leader, an attack on a small village by an American, an attack on a young women in a horrified town, or a strike with nuclear weapons all the scenes seemed eerie and dark but it came to a jubilant mood where two lovers came together celebrating a bond between two lovers. Axe uses some of the most dubious leaders and events in history in order to paint a light heart hearted picture between the leader and his wife or a solider and his lost mate. Once again Axe is targeting men but with a peaceful approach not an aggressive sexual manner that allows viewers to associate the new peace fragrance with making “Love Not War”

AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War (Official :60)

Satirical News Article

Twerking Leads to Healthier Lifestyle

Santiago Canon, Researcher at Emory University

ATLANTA- Although the popular dance known as “Twerking” has had a misconception for quite some time now, due to the vulgar gyrations among young people, we have new evidence that Twerking leads essential health benefits.

Renowned CNN Doctor/ Journalist Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a supporter of Twerking. He states that our results strongly suggest a health benefit from Twerking.

Our studies have shown that people exposed to Twerking early on have a lesser chance of having Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, and arthritis within the hips. Due to the overall popularity of the dance the health of our nation’s youth looks bright and the elderly suffering from these diseases seem to have a positive response when Twerking is in the environment.

72 year old James Buchanan who is considered partially blind has already felt the effect of Twerking treatments. He states “After years of failed treatment, I came to Dr. Canon and his team to test his experiment” after about 4 months of treatment Buchanan has greatly improved vision due to watching hours upon hours of extreme Twerking “My vision hasn’t been this great since I was about 38” he excitedly states.

Our treatment consists of about two hours of watching Twerking videos and receiving one hour of extreme Twerking, which has been a large part of how our patients with Alzheimer’s have had improved memory and function. The youth of our nation will also have a lesser chance of developing arthritis within the hips because of the extreme movements of the buttocks and hips.

The study of my colleagues and I, has set the base for future studies of how Twerking can improve the lives of so many who are disease struck.

So go on as how you’re going parents, don’t supervise as to what your daughter may be posting on the internet, don’t mind that short skimpy skirt of hers, keep allowing them to listen and dance to the very well music that is downright disrespecting them and all women. It is essential for the health of our beautiful nation.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Soft Shock by Nѳva

Unknown, talk to unknown.

The song "Soft Shock" by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs best retells Winston's and Julia's love for each other with affectionate lyrics nonetheless with lyrics that refer to two lovers being naive in dealing with a relationship that is believed of the two to last forever but will ultimately end as a result of fate . The lyric "Sharp shock to your soft side" best connects to Winston because Winston initially didn't have much to live for at all however Winston's encounter turned love affair with Julia impacts Winston's emotions or "soft side" and gives him hope to live in the midst of a oppressive totalitarian government . Whereas the lyric "Summer moon, catch your shuteye"...."In your room, in my room" best connects to Julia's romance towards Winston because the lyric talks of the two lovers sleeping at each others places but nevertheless ultimately becoming infatuated with Winston promising and reassuring him that she won't "betray" him. "Ever lasts, forever" coincides with the relationship of the two essentially being naive in convincing themselves of having a relationship that will last "forever". But ultimately Big Brother killed all emotions out of each other replaced by greater and purer feelings- the love for the The Party and Big Brother, " What's the time" What's the date" "Go and leave me" "Leave me out!"


Unknown, talk to unknown
Ever, lasts forever

Well, it's a shock, shock to your soft side
Summer moon, can't you shut eye
In your room, in my room
In your room, in my room

Louder, lips speak louder
Better, back together

Still it's a shock, shock to your soft side
Summer moon, can't you shut eye
In my room, in your room
In my room, in your room

Hey, it's the time, it's the day, don't leave me
It's the time, it's the place, don't leave me
It's the time, it's the day, don't leave me
It's the time, it's the place, don't leave me out
Leave me out, leave me out, leave me out

2014 Media Literacy


2014 Media Literacy

The recent academic change from British Literature to Media literacy has been a magnificent one, I have been very pleased with this class and all that it has taught me and made me aware of. Initially, I didn’t fancy the course too much because I deemed myself literate in most aspects of media and I felt I had a sense of current day occurrences, however I was mistaken. Media literacy this year has educated me to take a different mindset towards the way I perceive things online and in the media through our group discussions as well as our class assignments that allow us to critique along with discussing how a certain issue can be made more suitable for society.

Throughout the course I learned as multitude of topics ranging from “slackactivists” to governments spying on their citizens. What I most enjoyed of the class is how the course made it possible to educate students on current day matters and how it can affect us today as a society. We as a class were often required to analyze a piece of writing from long ago (Macbeth, 1984, ) and understand by what means it juxtaposes with our present day society and our future.

Media literacy was like none other Language arts class I had taken, my past language arts classes were mundane, and they didn’t allow me to be interactive or give me a different outlook on topics that matter whereas other classes simply just taught topics but made no comparisons of the present.

Media literacy sometimes was at the beginning was a little biased, we kept on discussing on how awful society today is and all that is wrong with it, but I personally believe the world isn’t as bad as we sometimes discussed in class.