Outta our solar system!!!!!


planets/stars you may not know?!?!

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different suns

There's the solar eclipse, the lunar Eclipse, Jupiter has 63 known moons well that's all related to the moon but our star to day is the, sun you get it? Probably not any way, there are many different suns but our sun is one of the smallest. This list is going to be in ascending order starting from our sun.
  • our sun
  • Sirius a
  • Pollux (orange giant)
  • Arcturus (red giant)
I'm not going to say them all because there's to many so i will say the biggest known sun.

  • Vy Canis Majoris

This stars diameter is approximatly 2.800.000.000 it would take 1100 years to circle it once on a airplane.

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Believe it or not!

  • 1,000,000 earths can fit in our sun but scientist consider our sun as a average star so try ti imagine how many earths can fit in Vy Canis Majoris.
  • commits are really leftovers from the making of the of the solar system
  • We have approximately 1800 confirmed new worlds and 3000 are still to be confirmed
  • there was a planet called 51 pegasis it was discovered 20 years ago (1995)
  • its called hot Jupiter because its a gas giant but much closer to its sun like star
  • half of it side always faces the sun the other doesn't ever!
  • First planet that was found by a telescope was Uranus it was found in 1772 but other planets such as mercury was dicoverd in 265 BC