New Deal 3rd Grade

Parent Information 2016-2017

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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

School is back in session! We are very proud to be teaching your child this year. Third grade will be full of fun, learning, and many adventures as we find joy in the journey.

This flyer will help answer questions you may have concerning conduct, grading, and communication. Use the QR Code to visit this flyer online to leave comments or questions.


Let's Instill Organization Now

Students take home their L.I.O.N. folder daily. Student behavior will be marked on their Right Choice Calendar.

We utilize this folder as a form of communication. Please watch for notes, newsletters, homework, and completed work. Helping your child keep their L.I.O.N. Folder organized will be very helpful!


1st Write-up - 5 minutes of isolation

2nd Write-up - Classroom Isolation

3rd Write-up - Parent Phone Call

4th Write-up - Office Referral

Positive student behavior is rewarded with punch cards and pass tickets.

We encourage your child to REACH for great behavior. Each letter represents qualities of a great citizen.






Our team believes that if your student commits to following these expectations, they will have a fun, productive school year! With your support and encouragement, our students will soar above and beyond in their educational career!

Field Trips/Pep Rallies

Field trips and pep rallies are considered a privilege. If your student does not abide by our behavior plan, they may not participate.


If your child is enrolled in school, attendance is mandatory. Students are only allowed so many absences a year.

  • Please try to schedule appointments as late in the day as possible.
  • If you have an early doctor’s appointment, be sure to bring a note from the doctor to verify the appointment so your child is not counted absent or tardy.
  • When your child is absent, please send a note to school when they return. This is required by the state law.
  • Email your student's homeroom teacher to collect work from days missed. Work can then be picked up in the office. Test will not be sent home.

Grading Policy

Only failing test grades can be replaced. The highest grade achievable after failing is 70.

Progress Reports & Report Cards

Progress reports are sent home to inform you of your student’s progress. Please sign and return your students progress report.

Report cards are sent home as duplicates. Please keep a copy of your students report for your records and return a signed copy to your student’s homeroom teacher. If your student is failing, your copy will be mailed to your residence.


Student supplies are disbursed in all classrooms. Students will be expected to carry their box and L.I.O.N. folders to each class. Throughout the year, you may receive a note describing what items your child needs replenished.



Students will be able to purchase a lunch or items from the Snack Bar. We recommend that your student has a safe place for their money. We discourage students from buying snacks from the lunch bar for friends.

New Deal ISD does NOT allow students to charge for meals. As a result, a student will NOT go without lunch, but will be provided an alternative meal,
which will be a cheese sandwich and milk (white 1%).

You are welcome to have lunch with your child. Please check in at the office first.

To put money in your students account:

For free & reduce lunch applications:


We will have a snack break at the end of the day. Students will be responsible for bringing their own snack each day. This is optional. Please make sure you are sending nutritional snacks only.

Please contact your student's homeroom teacher to schedule a time to celebrate your child's birthday. It is important to check with your child's teacher for any food allergies.


Computers: Mrs. Besherse

Art: Mrs. Vasquez

PE: Coach Carver & Coach Ybarra

Please send your child with tennis shoes for PE.


It is very important that your student's teacher is informed of how your child will get to and from school each day. Any changes in transportation throughout the year must be reported to the teacher by sending in written permission for your child. These notes will be filed in the office for reference. Please write these changes on a separate sheet of paper and remind your student to deliver your note. If you need to make any changes to your child’s transportation during the day, please contact the front office.

Donna Bruggeman - Science


Mrs. Bruggeman’s class will consist of learning all about the science tools and the world around us! We will focus on matter, weather, force and motion, solar system, ecosystems, and living things!


The students will have science vocabulary cards to go over nightly and a vocabulary test every two to three weeks, depending on how long the unit takes.

Whitney Dunn - Reading & Social Studies


Mrs. Dunn’s class will consist of fluency practice, word study, reading comprehension, and learning stations. Social Studies topics will be incorporated through literacy studies and activities.


Students are required to read 80 minutes per week and write a summary for each entry. Reading logs are due Friday. Students are also required to take tests and record their scores for AR.

Students will also receive weekly homework assignments that will be also be due on Friday. These assignments will vary.

Emily Massucci - Math


Mrs. M’s class will consist of learning various math concepts and strategies. Some of the concepts include numerical representations and relationships, computations, geometry, data analysis, and personal financial literacy. It will be a great year!


Students are required to practice multiplication facts for 40 minutes per week. Multiplication logs are due on Friday.

Students will also receive other homework on Tuesdays that will be due on Thursdays. Ten points will be taken off for each day it is late.

Staci Swim - Writing & Social Studies


Mrs. Swim's class will consist of writing techniques, word study, and grammar skills. Social Studies will be incorporated through learning stations and writing activities.


Students will study a spelling pattern each week. They will receive a list of words that fit the pattern to study. Spelling tests will be on Fridays and will include words from the list, high frequency words that fit the pattern, and words from word study.