Julia Catoe

May 14th, 1999

"Too much agreement kills a chat." -Eldridge Cleaver

My name is Julia Catoe, and I am the older of me and my sister. I live with both of my parents, and my sister. I have lived in Lugoff, South Carolina, in the same house, for my entire life. I went to Doby's Mill Elementary, Stover Middle, and now I am in Lugoff Elgin High School. I was in the band with Stover Middle School, and started playing the clarinet in sixth grade.


  • For example, I have placed in the highest band in our region, three years in a row, playing clarinet.
  • Another example, I play clarinet the best, but I also play a little bit of trumpet, piano, guitar, and bass clarinet.
2014 Blythewood Tournament of Bands - Lugoff-Elgin High School


I am primarily a part of two groups: band, and FFA.

  • I am in the both the marching band and the concert band here at LE.
  • I am part of the FFA Chapter that is based from the ATEC campus, and the agriculture class.

Personal Timeline

2002- Started taking horseback riding lessons

2003- Started preschool at Doby's Mill Elementary School

2004- My only sibling, Olivia, was born

2005- YouTube is created

2006- Pluto demoted of it's planetary status

2008- Bejing olympics; Michael Phelps breaks record for most medals won in a single year

2009- iPhone 3GS comes out

2010- Earthquake is Hati

2011- Started playing clarinet at Stover Middle School

2013- Joined the marching band at Lugoff-Elgin High School

Mother's Timeline

1970- The band Aerosmith formed

1980- John Lennon was shot and killed

1985- Back to the Future came out

1991- Played in the national pool league in Las Vegas

1991- Warsaw pact dissolved

1993- Moved to South Carolina from Florida

1999- Bought her first house

1999- Had her first child, me

2004- Had my sister, Olivia

2010- BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Future: 2020

In the year 2020, I will be 20 years old. My goal is to be in my junior year of college at Clemson University, studying animal science in order to become a vet for large and exotic animals that live in zoos.