Human sex trafficking

By: DeWayne Smith

What is Human trafficking?

Human sex trafficking is a form of modern slavery that is not only known in the U.S, but also globally. People get tempted by sex trafficking because they are getting lied to or manipulated and in some cases it is because they are down and out and they have no self-respect for themselves so they will do anything to just get some quick money for the night looking for ways to survive. With it being in mind that they have no money and are in the search for some, some people offer them jobs knowing that the victim will agree and fall right in line. Human sex trafficking is illegal, but yet hard to prevent. When a person under the legal age of 18 is involved it is automatically a problem regardless if they have agreed to it or not. And most people come to the conclusion that only women are involved in sex trafficking which is not the case. Men and even children are involved with this serious felony.


Every 30 seconds, a person loses their freedom do to human trafficking, and there are still around 36 million people that are enslaved even after the emancipation proclamation was put out in 1863 which released around 5 hundred thousand slaves. 2,265, this is the amount of risen reported cases since December31st,2012.