Tangerine County Times

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What's been going on

  • The Fisher family moves into Tangerine county.
  • They enroll into Lake Windsor Middle.-Lightning strikes take out the power for about 10 seconds on Saturday.
  • The muck fire kicks up again.
  • Mike Costello gets struck by lightning during football practice.
  • The Fisher family starts a telephone campaign.
  • Erik Fisher joins the school football team.
  • Football tryouts are held.
  • The soccer season is about to start.
  • More trees in Tangerine County are burned.
  • The Fisher family tries to stop people practicing football in a lighting storm.

Erik Fisher football dream

There are two children in the Fisher family. Their names are Erik and Paul. One similarity that they share is that they are both share the same last name. A difference that they have is that Paul plays soccer and Erik plays football. Another difference is that Paul has thick glasses, but Erik does not wear glasses.

Tragedy Strikes

On Tuesday September 5th, a tragedy happened in Tangerine County. Mike Costello, a player on the school football team, was struck by lightning. In this fatal accident, Mike Costello was killed. Friends described him as kind and caring and his coach said he was the best player he ever had. Mike Costello will be missed. There were many events leading up to his death. The first event was playing in a lightning storm. Then, he had his hand on the metal goalpost. Then he leaned on it. Then suddenly, lightning struck the goalpost and he was electrocuted. They tried CPR, but it was too late.

Come to football tryouts!

Come on down to Lake Windsor Middle School to try out for football. Football tryouts are on Monday, August 31. IF you do well at the tryouts, you could get on the team and play exciting games.