New Species Discovered

RDA Scientists Discover Dangerous New Predator

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The elusive predator seen stalking in its territory.

The Thanator

The Thanator (Thanatora ferox). Is a large, hexapodal predator that roams the jungle floor. It is 2.5 meters tall and 5.5 meters in length from snout to tail. It's slick black and purple hide and protruding sensory quills give it a distinctive and intimidating look. It was discovered during an RDA (Resource Development Administration) research expedition on the alien moon of Pandora. Through communication via the RDA's Avatar program, it was discovered that the local natives of Pandora have long known of its existence and refer to it as the "Palulukan" or the "Dry Mouthed Bring of Fear."
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Photo taken of a Thanator making a threat display to an Avatar researcher.
True to its native nickname, the Thanator is very fierce, tracking prey for several kilometers and swiftly pouncing on, and killing its prey. When faced with potential competition, the Thanator will attempt to intimidate its opponent with a ear-piercing screech and a display of its armored neck flaps that connect to its sensory quills. The Thanator, like all animals, is a heterotroph, and must kill other organisms in order to survive. It's diet is not limited to one species of beast, it will hunt anything it believes it can defeat. Thanators have been seen to attempt to hunt juvenile, or adult Hammerheads that become separated from their herds. Although its not certain, researchers believe the Thanator breaths through small openings under its sensory quills flaps.

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