Found By: Margaret Peterson

Presentation By: Liz Perry

314 page Sience Fiction book

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Major Character: Jonah Skidmore

Jonah is a young teenager who was adopted as a child and has felt very normal about being adopted. His parents worry about him and always want to make sure that them not being his biological parents won't change anything. He doesn't really like talking to his parents about his biological parents even though he wonders about them sometimes, he knows that his parents will get really protective if he asks about it.

Major Character: Katherine Skidmore

Katherine is Jonah's younger sister. She wasn't adopted but often wishes she was and gets jealous ofnah. She is only a year younger than him but she likes to boss him around and look out for him sometimes. Whenever Jonah has questions or wants to talk about his adoption he usually goes to Katherine for his answers.

Major Character: Chip ( The New Neighbor Kid )

Chip is Jonah and Katherine's new neighbor. Him and Jonah are just starting to be friends and hang out at the beginning of the book. He finds out that he is also adopted, but his parents weren't the ones to tell him. After he knows he is adopted he tries to ask his parents about it but they won't tell him anything. He starts to feel troubled so he goes to Jonah for help. They begin to research and they end up discovering some crazy stuff about their lives.

Minor Characters: Jonah and Katherines Parents ( Mr. & Mrs. Skidmore )

Their Parents are always making sure Jonah never feels awkward about being adopted but usually they just make it worse when they try to help. They read tons of parenting books on how to raise an adopted child,make him feel welcomed, and take care of any of his doubts or questions. They will do anything to help their children and go to great lengths to help Jonah find information on his past life before he was adopted.

Minor Character: JB ( Janitor Boy )

Janitor Boy is the time traveler to smuggles Chip and Alex into the 1480's and ends up taking Jonah and Katherine with him when they try to save their friends. He came with Mr. Hodge to help him.

Minor Character: Alex

Alex was one of the kids who got taken and brought to the 21st century just like Jonah and Chip but they don't know it. They just think that they were adopted until they discover all of the information. He doesn't come in until the end of the book though. He is taken back to the 1480's along with Chip and JB who stole them.

Minor Character: Mr. Hodge

Mr. Hodge was one of the ones who kidnapped all of the "survivors" in the first place and took them to the 21st century. Then he tries to take all of the kids back to the future with him by luring them into a cave that is actually a time hollow. He ends up getting defeated by all of the kids anyways and doesn't take them to the future.

Setting: Jonah's House, Chip's House, The Cave, and the Meeting Room. Takes place in 2008 and 1480 at the end.

Main Conflicts

  • When they go to the FBI and he starts to argue with his parents
  • When they meet one of the witnesses and then a fight begins in the library with two time travelers
  • At the end when they are trapped and get taken to 1480


The story starts off with Chip and Jonah starting to become friends. Tn they both receive strange letters but they both just think it's a joke and try not to think about it. Later Chip finds out he is adopted and Jonah tries to comfort him because he knows what it fells like since he is adopted too. He promises to help him find as much information as they can about their adoptions. Jonah and Chip go into Chip's basement and break open his Dad's safe to find information about Chip. They find a sticky note with a number on it and decide to call it. Someone from the FBI picks up so they just end the call right away. Jonah starts to get more curious about his adoption so he asks his parents more about it. Eventually they end up going to the FBI for any information. While at that meeting Jonah get queasy and goes into the bathroom to throw up, but while he is in there he meets a janitor who tells him to look on the desk if the FBI agents and get the file. Jonah thinks it strange but he goes back to the meeting and creates a distraction for him to get the file. His sister Katherine helps him get pictures of the files. They take the pictures back to Chip and start researching on it. It seems to be a case file with witnesses and survivors instead of information about Chip and Jonah. They are still in the files though... under survivor. They call as many numbers as they can from the witness list and for days are trying to figure it out. One of the witnesses agrees to meet with them and tells them about a plane that landed 13 years ago full of babies. She believes that they were on that plane and that the plane was a time machine. The three of them think they are crazy except the incident with the janitor makes it a little convincing. After the meeting they see the lady just disappear out of thin air, now is when they really start to consider the time travel. They go home and discuss it all and try to find a reasonable answer for all of it but there is none.

Later Chip, Jonah, and Katherine go to a group counseling with a bunch of other adopted kids. They start to recognize all of the names in the group counsel, it's the same names that were on the list of survivors. They kids had been on the same plane plane that Chip and Jonah were on as infants. They all work together and try to find answers. Then later unknowingly they get lured into a cave, known as a time hollow, in attempt that the time smugglers who brought them there in the first place are doing to try and take them back to the future. After they defeat the smugglers another time traveler from the future decide to take Chip and Alex to the 1480 where they were both originally from. The time traveler is known to them by Janitor Boy (JB). Jonah and Katherine try to stop them but end up getting taken back to the 1480's also. Now it's up to them to save their friends and take them back to the twenty- first century.


I believe that the theme is curiosity, because even when Jonah was unsure about things it was his and Chip's curiosity that kept them going. Curiosity was the reason why they found out so much information and got to know their whole story of where they really come from.


I would recommend this book. It in general is a pretty good book and I like how the main characters are all around our age just because it makes it easier to understand and relate to. Also since the book isSi-Fi it goes along with all of the time travel and futuristic books that we have recently been reading in our LA. Its entertaining with a little comedy here and there, even though the end gets a little confusing it's still a great book. Plus it had a good twist ending.