Ally Land : Market Economy

By Ally O'Rourke


The benefits of coming to Ally Land is that it is a market economy, and market economies are great because the production of goods and services is determined by the demand of the consumers(YOU!!!) So, basically what this is saying is that if you guys want something, they have to somehow get it to you:)

The Facts

Even better, Ally Land having a market economy means that the society is mostly in charge! In fact, the only time the government interferes is when they want to make sure that everything is fair to you guys!

So, let's say you want to open a business and sell some items of your own, when people pay for those items, they are paying directly to you, there's no back and forth with the goes directly into your pocket!!!


Some bad things about a market economy is that disparity is more common because market economies make it easier for the wealthy to become more wealthy, rather than the poor becoming wealthy. Also, the environment is more likely to be damaged and the working conditions tend to be poorer because the government doesn't have regulations on those types of things.


Aside from those few disadvantages, market economies are pretty great. After all, it does depend on what market economy you guys go to...hint, hint!!! But, market economies like the one in Ally Land are all about the people! They want the consumers to be happy no matter what, as shown by the fact that it's all based on YOUR demand! Lastly, with those refutations above, whereas those are possible, it's, again, ALL. ABOUT. YOU. because innovation, free expression, and your choice are strongly encouraged!!!