Football Inquiry

Clemson Tigers Edition

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Flyer by Addi Brown

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Deshaun Watson

Observation: Deshaun is pointing towards the sky.

Inference: He is looking towards heaven, so he must be praying to God to win the game.

Prediction: I think God is listening and he will do well in the game.

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Ammon Lakip

Observation: Ammon has his leg bent back.

Inference: Because the grass is flying, I think he is about to kick the ball.

Prediction: Ammon will kick the ball to the other team.

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Notre Dame Tailgate Slip and Slide

Observation: A man is sliding down the hill in the rain.

Inference: Wet plastic is slippery, so he will slide to the bottom of the hill.

Prediction: His stomach will get scratched from the plastic.

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Ben Boulware the Big Bully

Observation: Boulware is kicking the air,

Inference: Because he is making a face, he must have made a good play.

Prediction: Dabo Swinney will be proud of him!

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Jordan Leggett High Flyer

Observation: Jordan is flying in the air.

Inference: The Notre Dame players are on the ground, so he must have flown past them.

Prediction: He will make a touchdown!

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Deshaun Watson Throwing to Artavis Scott

Observation: The football is in the air.

Inference: Watson threw the ball to Scott.

Prediction: Scott will catch the football!

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Fans Wearing Swim Masks

Observation: It is raining hard in Death Valley.

Inference: The fans are getting soaked!

Prediction: Their clothes will be very wet.

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The Shaq Attack

Observation: Shaq Lawson is wrapping his hands around the quarterback's waist.

Inference: Since he is leaning forward Shaq will sack the quarterback.

Prediction: I predict the quarterback will fall down with Shaq.

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Observation: Dabo is hugging a player.

Inference: He is whispering something to him.

Prediction: The player will feel better and play hard!

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Deshawn's Fancy Footwork

Observation: Watson is running with the football.

Inference: He must be running quickly away from the other players.

Prediction: He may score a touchdown!

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