R U Even A Man?

"Real Men Give Valentines to Their Hall-mates" -Fox News

Give Your Friends Some Good Ole Fashioned Lovin'

This Valentines Day, Dyer 3rd Floor is trying to get 100% participation in our very own hall Valentine's card giving. Similar to the elementary school days, we ask that you spend a little time to make a card box that your neighbors can put their specialized cards into (possibly with some goodies attached) and you simply do the same by passing out your own cards! It makes it 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times more fun if your box and cards are themed!

What If I have No Idea What I'm Doing?

Contact Luke "Strong-hand" Woodward (Room #307) if you have questions or need help creating your box or cards!

What's The Real Deal?

As mentioned before, we feel this will only be successful if EVERYONE participates. Not stressing peer pressure but....you don't want to be the one schmuck who doesn't have a box and gets this awkward pile of candy on the floor in front of your room because everyone on the hall already made cards and bought candy for you and now are embarrassed and feel awkward they thought of you specifically while you nonchalantly brushed them off and sent non verbal cues that they have little to no value in your life and you couldn't care less about their feelings on this festive holiday. Anyways, there are 22 guys on the floor including yourself. Go get 'em tigers!