ITC 5720 Final Presentation

Caley Chase Villiard



Meghan McGrath-Principal of East Mooresville Intermediate School

  • Identified need at school level

Dr. Scott Smith- Director of Technology at MGSD

  • Discussed the Friday Institute and the role MGSD and he played in developing this document.
  • Helped to identify needs with MGSD as a whole.

Leadership Team at EMIS

  • Helped develop vision and goals for enacting the decided upon professional development for new teachers within the district.

Technology Facilitator

  • Collaborated in order to create website as a base for self-guided PD.

Staff Members at EMIS

  • Many lent a hand in developing videos and sharing in depth knowledge of programs MGSD has purchased.

Logic Model for PD

Why we need professional development for new teachers at MGSD.



Direct Impact of EMIS
  • New teachers will have a resource to help guide their use of technology in the classroom as they learn the tools available to them.
  • Current teachers will become leaders due to their expertise in an area.

Indirect Impacts at EMIS

  • Resources will be better utilized by all staff.
  • For some teachers who are not as technology savvy, this will create confidence and leadership opportunities for a variety of staff.


  • Will have data from various technology tools.


  • Personalized instruction pathways developed by teachers.

School Leaders

  • By using this PD resource, school leaders can drive further professional development lessons as needed instead of providing PD for tools teachers are already comfortable using.
  • How do we know? A Google form reflection piece is provided for each resource as a way to track and receive feedback.

Personal Gains

Logic Model for Grant

In order to continue providing technology tools for the classroom, funding is essential. Lowe's Home Improvement Headquarters is located here in Mooresville. We have worked closely with them in the past to gain funding.


Leadership Opportunity

  • Being entrusted to lead a planning team to organize a professional development in an area where our school and district has identified a need.

Becoming known in the district

  • Collaborating with a variety of staff, administrators, and central office staff while planning this project.


  • Planning a project of this size and thinking of ways to make it scalable for other schools within the district to use.
  • Logic Model for planning a project of this size.
  • Connectedness -Understanding how each component lends itself to the next step or another idea or goal.
  • Time to learn about our district compared to the rest of the state by sitting down with Dr. Smith and going through the document written by The Friday Institute.
  • Getting to know our central office personnel and the experiences that promoted them to the position they hold.