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February 2, 2021

Using Super Bowl Ads to Encourage Critical Thinking & Media Literacy (and other SB Resources)

Frank Baker and Renee Hobbs are premier experts for integrating media literacy in schools. They presented this webinar on using Super Bowl ads on January 11; you can watch it and access many resources here. Baker also wrote a great piece last week, "What Will We Do about Internet Literacy?" and has a basic site about Super Bowl ads and the game itself.

Some students might simply get in some nonfiction reading with the Super Bowl program, found on the official SB Site.

Yummy Math has some brand new activities, including "Typical Super Bowl Scores" and "Super Bowl Numerals," with a Groundhog Day activity also on the page. (Yummy Math has free activities, with editable versions available to paid members.)

Although this Education World page hasn't been updated, it has a few good ideas for Super Bowl-related activities, and the linked articles still work.

Although Peyton's long gone, I had fun with some media classes 9 years ago with this article from ESPN the Magazine I simply read it aloud and asked their reaction and questions. They were amazed! (Actually, I was, too.)

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The National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.has many virtual offerings for students and teachers, even though it is currently closed to in-person visits. The Black History Month page includes live virtual events and outlets to follow. There are areas on the site for educators and students.

This page, 10 Inspiring Black History Month Activities for Students, from math software company Prodigy has several interesting ideas that go beyond a typical list. It includes this page of free programs from Smithsonian-related entities, the @NMAAHC and others.

The Library of Congress has additional informaiton, including images, audio, video, primary sources, and selected resources for teachers.

Image credit: ekavesh from Pixabay

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You (or students, parents) can send shoutouts to school counselors using this form courtesy of the Indiana School Counselor Association. From scheduling to supplies, to access, to food, to locating students, counselors have gone even beyond "normal" years to reach students this year!

Keep Indiana Learning Expands Offerings for IN Educators

The Central Indiana Education Service Center (CIESC) has received grants to expand programming for educators across the state. They seek to add quality content, and will pay educators who create presentations (and they have state of the art equipment to help you produce it.) They are also planning a summer conference on June 29-30, and will have some sessions focused on middle level education. You will be able to apply to present (and receive a stipend)

You can find their current live webinars here (some free, some paid), and archived/on demand sessions here (most of them free).

Questions? Here is their contact form. It is really worth exploring their website!

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An example of one of the partnerships Keep Indiana Learning has formed: As part of IN Digital Learning Month and DOE you can join a webinar on February 10 at 4 pm EST with

@CarrieRosebrock of @KeepINLearning & @CIESCtweets She will share some of their free resources for IN teachers. Register at #INDLMonth

Chinese New Year, "Year of the Ox"

The Lunar New Year begins February 12 in China, which falls on February 11 for us. I found some of the best explanations of the history and traditions on this page from Earth/Sky. Panda Express has a curriculum you can use. I also found out that they provide speakers for the classroom, and even food! It's too late to sign up for that this year, but in the meantime, you can use some of their activities.

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Wake Me Up When The School Year Ends

Free Learning Opportunities (all times EST)

February: Black History Month and IN Digital Learning Month

February 1-5: National School Counselor Week

*Feb-February 11: Maker Challenge: Chain Reactions (various times)

February 2: Horace Mann Speaker Series: Adam Welcome, Kids Deserve It, 8:30 pm

February 3: World Read Aloud Day

February 4: AMLE: A Virtual Approach to Social Emotional Learning, 4 pm

February 8: Great Teaching by Design, with Fisher, Frey, & Hattie, 6:30 pm

(You can pre-read the 1st chapter of their new book here.)

*February 9: Accessibility Tools for Students with Dyslexia, 7-8 pm

February 10: Digital Learning Tools with DOE/CIESC/Keep Indiana Learning, 4 pm

February 10: Reading the Pictures; Visual LIteracy with Renee Hobbs, Frank Baker, & Michael Shaw, 4 pm

February 10: Hybrid or Home: Harnessing the Power of Read Alouds, 4 pm

*February 11: Accessibility Tools for Students with Dyslexia, 9-10 pm

February 11/12: Lunar New Year (New Moon 2:08 pm EST Feb. 11)

February 16: DOE Webinar-"Tips from the Trenches," 4 pm

February 16: Horace Mann Speakers Series, Nicole Malachowski, 8:30 pm

February 18: Promoting Digital Citizenship & Online Wellness at Your Middle School, 4:30 pm

February 20: Pear Deck Pear-Fair

February 25: Digital Learning Day

*Includes (or aimed at) Students


Keep Indiana Learning Live Events, Archived Events

PATINS Trainings for Accessibility for All

Corwin Monday Afternoon Webinar Series

Indiana eLearning Lab (Must Register to See Live Schedule; Tutorials always available. This week's sessions are on HyperDocs .)

Leslie Fisher Webinars

National Geographic Online Courses (several start on January 20)

Teachers First/OK2Ask Webinars

That's All for Now!

Reminder: The resources for INSPIRE3 are maintained on both the IASP and IMLEA pages.

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Dear IMLEA/AMLE members,

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a former Indiana principal and I currently serve on the AMLE Board of Trustees. As a proud Indiana resident, I am excited to tell you about an upcoming contest offered by AMLE and ASA. I am including the details of the contest. Believe me when I say that I would LOVE to have schools from Indiana enter this contest. We have so much talent in our state that I would love to highlight it throughout the nation!

As a member of the AMLE Board of Trustees (and a former member of the IMLEA Board), I am always open to hear your ideas about how we can make the middle level better for all of our students and educators. Don't hesitate to contact me at with your thoughts and ideas! Please let me know if you decide to enter this contest. Also know that I am here to help however you need! Good Luck! Let's represent the talent in our Hoosier state!

Sincerely in the middle,


AMLE and ASA are offering a terrific contest for middle school students. You have the opportunity to win some fantastic recognition and great prize money for your school. I would love to see your school enter (and win) this contest! Go to for details. The four areas include:

6-8th grade teachers can sign up a team of up to 5 participants and select one of 4 standards-aligned challenges for their class to tackle:

  • The Economic Impact of COVID-19
  • Solving COVID-19: A Community Challenge
  • Building a Colony on Mars
  • Acting on Climate Change

Key Dates:

  1. Contest open to 6-8th grade public schools (Teachers must register)
  2. Registration closes 2/15
  3. Winners announced 4/2
  4. Prizes awarded for winners
    1. 1st Place:
      1. $10,000 for the school
      2. $1,500 to be split by the student team
    2. 2nd Place:
      1. $5,000 for the school
      2. $1,000 to be split by the student team
    3. 3rd Place:
      1. $2,500 for the school
      2. $500 to be split by the student team

For additional information, go to

Good Luck!!