Honors English 11

Personal Reflection

Greatest Accomplishment

My greatest accomplishment this year was being class President of the Junior class as we had the task of putting on Junior and Senior prom. I was able to oversee everything and make sure everything got done, and the night of prom was a success in the end.

Greatest accomplishment in English

My greatest accomplishment in English this year was writing my research paper and learning how to write a resume. This helped me learn new skills and improve the skills I already have. It sharpened my skills on things that I will use throughout my life.

Favorite Project

My favorite English project this year was the satie project, but I also enjoyed learning about the American Civil War and reading about the life of President Lincoln. I enjoyed learning about his life and looking at how my life compares to his. I was able to see how he carried himself and how he delt with certain situations, and from that, I hope to go about my life similarly.

Improvements for Next Year

Next year I hope to improve on my writing skills, and improve on my research paper. I also hope to put more time and effort into the books we read. I hope to read them to really be able to feel the meaning of the book, not to just read it because I have to.