Holy Cross Lutheran School

We are off to a great summer!

School is out but your Holy Cross staff is still hard at work, getting ready for all of our summer programs and planning for the upcoming school year. On Monday, June 19th, our two Summer Camp programs will begin. On Monday, June 26th, our Summer Academic Program will be begin. We are always busy at Holy Cross!

We have some exciting new changes and programs planned for the 2017-18 school year. An after-school instrumental music program will be offered for students in 1st grade and up. We have partnered with Lutheran Special Education Ministries to offer a dedicated teacher and special program for students who have special learning needs.

We are transitioning to MAP testing instead of the Stanford 10 next year. Students in K5 thru 8th grade will be tested electronically 3 times per year, which will give our teachers (and parents) much more information regarding their child's progress over the school year.

We are bringing a Director of Christian Education intern on our staff, who will work to develop programs for our youth. We are very excited about the new school year and everything it has to offer!

Our Summer Programs

Summer Blast Summer Camp, Camp Crusader Jr. and Summer Academic Program

Holy Cross students who are going into Grades K through 8 are invited to participate in this fun and also educational summer camp program. Camp begins on June 19th and runs for 6 weeks. The cost is $75 per week and this includes all activities, field trips, lunch and snacks. Children from the community are also invited to attend our summer camp so tell your friends and family. There will be no registration accepted on the first day of camp.

Children ages 2 through 4 (not eligible for K5) are welcomed into CAMP CRUSADER JR. This fun-filled camp for preschoolers includes experiences for all of the senses and each week has a special theme. This is open to the public.

Our SUMMER ACADEMIC PROGRAM begins on June 26th and is designed for students who are going into 1st thru 8th grade who need some remediation. Students are either required to attend or it is recommended by the teacher. In addition, those students whose parents wish to keep in an academic environment for part of the summer may enroll. Class is from 8:30AM to 12:30PM, Monday through Friday for four weeks. Dual enrollment in summer camp is available at a discount.

Holy Cross Lutheran School

"Learning with HIS Love and Care"

Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School have been proudly serving the students and families of our community for over 65 years.

Summer Reading and Summer Skills and Summer Adventures!

Reading during the summer is very important to help prevent the summer slump. Some parents make sure that their children are reading every day. Thank you! However, to insure that all students have the benefit of reading during the summer, we do require summer reading all of students K and up.There is a reading log that needs to be completed. Students in 2nd grade and up must also complete simple written assignments. Information on our summer reading program is available in the school office and on our website. We have included the minimum standards per grade level but don't be a minimalist! All students, regardless of age, should be reading every day all year long. Just like any other activity, the more you read, the better of a reader you will become.

I encourage parents to help keep their student's skills up by continuing to practice during the summer.You can find lots of summer skills review books at many stores and online. Unless your child is advanced, select the grade that the child has just finished. Encourage your child to write every day by keeping a summer journal and writing about what they are doing with their summer vacation. Make these activities fun, but a part of your summer routine.

Summer is a great time to experience new things! There are many free and low cost attractions and sites in our area and I encourage you to take advantage of them and give your children new experiences. Children need to have a variety of life experiences so that they when they read about something, they have a point of reference. They need to have a body of knowledge that is not from what they read in books but from what they have experienced themselves. For example, if a child is reading a story about the beach yet they have never visited one, it is very hard to visualize.

Can your child swim?

By swim, I do not mean get in the water in the shallow end and splash around, or have fun in the water while wearing a flotation device. A child can swim only when that child is able to propel him or herself through the water that is over his or her head and can do this independently and safely without danger of drowning for an extended period of time. If your child cannot do this, then he or she cannot swim. Children drown every year because they cannot swim. Children have near drownings every year that leave them with life altering brain damage. Enroll your child in swimming lessons and prevent a tragedy.

Sunshine Uniform Sale

Saturday, July 15th, 10am-4pm

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