5th Grade Family News

October 27th- 30th, 2015

5th Grade Family News

Dear 5th Grade Family,

This week we are celebrating fall with 5TH GRADE AWARDS (BY HOMEROOM) on Friday after the Costume Parade (around 9:20 or so). Students should dress up like a character from a book. Please bring the book so they can carry it with them. Dressing up is optional! We look forward to a great turn out on Friday for the parade and awards for the 1st Nine Weeks! Go Cougars!

NOTE: Report cards will go home on November 9th. This is awards only!

Helpful Edsby Login Information

Q How can I view my student's grades?

A All grades and class websites are maintained at Edsby. Visit sdhc.edsby.com

Q What is my Edsby login information?

A User name: student number, Password: DOB in the format MMDDYYYY

Q How can I update my student Edsby password?

A The student password portal is here. If you can't reset your password, email Mr. Bethune in the front office for help.

Q How can I create or update my parent Edsby account?

A All parent passwords are maintained at MySpot. Visit myspot.sdhc.k12.fl.us

Q What is the server name for the Edsby mobile app?

A sdhc.edsby.com

Electives for 2nd Nine Weeks

We have quarter based electives. Please check by homeroom for your child's electives this quarter:


Monday: PE Tuesday: Art Wednesday: Art Thursday: Art Friday: PE


Monday: Music Tuesday: PE Wednesday: Music Thursday: PE Friday: Music


Monday: Spanish Tuesday: Spanish Wednesday: PE Thursday: PE Friday: Spanish

Special Note From Ms. Coffey: iXL Practice

iXL is an excellent source of online practice for math. Students should be logging in for one hour per week every week. It is important for students to use this website to practice. Starting next week, I will be sending home weekly reports about iXL in Wednesday folder. Please be sure to get into the habit of logging in and practicing one hour per week. I really want students practicing as much as possible. If you need login information again, please let me know.

Personal Goals/ 94% Challenge in Math


Book Parade October 30th (Dressing Optional)

Book Parade: (8:35- 9:15) 5th grade will be dressing in costumes for the Book Parade. It is optional. Costumes should have a themed book that they will carry. Students who choose not to dress may be given the opportunity to carry instruments to keep the excitement of the parade going! Please feel free to come and take pictures!

Costumes: Should not be scary, violent, and school dress code appropriate. Please wear over uniform if possible. Please plan on sending in uniform to change out of costume. It is not appropriate to wear costume the whole day! Book must be carried. Happy Costuming!


We have decided on a STEM Fair night, for elementary it is going to be December 8, from 6-7. All the students are going to display their boards in the cafeteria. In addition, each class will pick a couple of students to be class winners and their boards will be displayed on the stage.

5th Grade Professor Corner

Miss Anderson's Language Arts Class

This week, Language Arts classes focused mostly on writing and finishing up our novel study. We are officially done with our Bud, Not Buddy novel study. We will begin our new novel, Tale of Desperaux beginning on October 27th. Please send in your child’s book as soon as you have it. Let me know if you are unable to secure a copy; I will have a few extras for $8.00. As always, please make sure your student is reading 20 minutes every day!

Ms. Coffey's Math Class

Class News: Students are practicing stations and being pulled for small group in my class.

Daily Lessons/ Homework:

10/26 Monday: No School (Professional Planning Day)

10/27 Tuesday: Lesson 31: Area of Rectangles

10/28 Wednesday: Lesson 32: Expanded Notation: More on Elapsed Time

10/29 Thursday: Lesson 33: Writing Percents as Fractions, Part 1

10/30 Friday: Lesson 34: Decimal Place Value

Please be sure your child is completing at least an hour per week of iXL!

Mrs. Pennington's Science and Social Studies Class

Science/Social Studies – In science, we will continue to learn about Isaac Newton and his Laws of Motion. In Social Studies, we are still learning about exploring the New World. They will learn about the tools the explorers used to travel to and from the new world and about the changes in Europe that led to exploration. The students will also learn about this month’s character trait – individuality.

STEM Fair – this week the students should be completing their experiment. They should be writing down their data; we will put the data into tables and graphs next week.

Important Dates

October 27th: STEM Fair Directions Due

October 30th: Science Test

Additional Information from Ms. Pennington

Continent Project: I would like to update you on some upcoming assignments. First of all I want to make sure everyone is aware that the students were assigned a continent project. This project is due next Tuesday, November 3rd.

Science Update: They have a science test this Friday on Forces in Motion. I did not create a study guide for this test. We will finish up the chapter tomorrow and I will use part of Wednesday as a review.

Social Studies: Our Social Studies test is scheduled for next Tuesday but may be pushed back until next Thursday, as we had several events this past Thursday that did not allow us to accomplish as much as anticipated. I have prepared a study guide and will give it to them tomorrow.

Your students should be actively working on STEM Fair. They should be writing their step-by-step directions and completing the actual experiment. In class tomorrow we are creating our data tables so they can fill in their information as they go.

2015 Glow Run 5K Raffle Basket

Date: November 14th, 2015 (Saturday)

Baskets: We are assembling baskets for raffle for the Glow Run. We are looking for donations for our basket. 5th grade is looking for Dinner/ Good Eats gift cards to a variety of restaurants like Subway, Chipotle, McDonalds, etc... Please turn them in to the front office labeled with you child's name and homeroom.

T-shirts: Register by October 23rd to receive a free t-shirt!

Design the Shirt: KCC students can submit personal sketches for the official GLOW RUN 2015 shirts!

Sponsorship: Please see the communication from the front office for information for sponsors including T-shirts, inflatables, Awards Sponsors, Games, Raffles, and Race Sponsors. Lots of information can be found in the Wednesday Write Up and the Friday Focus.

Great American Teach In

Be a volunteer for the Great American Teach In. Please email your homeroom teacher to volunteer. You never know who you can inspire.

Dates: November 16- 20th: Great American Teach In

Upcoming Discovery Education Dates

Discovery Education testing is upon us again! Students will be logging in and completing testing. Please be sure they have a healthy breakfast and they are well rested.

November 5th: DE Testing (Math)

November 12th: DE Testing (Reading)

November 17th: DE Testing (Science)

FYI: FAIR Testing is scheduled for December 9th for 5th grade!

Take Home Batman the Hedgehog for the Weekend

Take Home Batman Sign Up Genius

Batman is looking to go on vacation with your child! I have some very interested children who would love to take him home.

If you do take him home, I ask that he not be left with other large pets or small children. A shelf is fine where he is out of harms way. He eats cat food and needs to have his bedding cleaned out daily. Your child would receive a Mini Batman Training Course before they take him home. He is easy to take care of. He will have so much fun in your home! Sign up today!

Upcoming Events


November 2nd: PDQ Spirit Nite

November 4th: Yearbook Retakes/ Class Pictures

November 5th: CPA Meeting (6:30)

November 11th: Veteran's Day (No school)

November 13th: Chick Fil A Breakfast

November 14th: Glow Run 2015

November 16- 20th: Great American Teach In

December 8th: ELEMENTARY Stem Fair Night

5th Grade Team

Ms. Coffey: Math and Team Lead hcoffey@kidscc.org

Miss Anderson: Reading and Language Arts eanderson@kidscc.org

Mrs. Pennington: Science and Social Studies jpennington@kidscc.org