Mrs. Ray's Pre-K Weekly Newsletter

Week 18: January 11 - 15


We Are in Need Of...

Our classroom is great need of BABY WIPES and COTTON BALLS! These will be used in activities this week while we learn about Winter Weather!!!

Frozen Day

We will be having a Frozen Day on Friday to celebrate all the learning we will have done on Winter Weather, snow, ice, and all other things related to this time of year!!! We invite the students to either dress as their favorite Frozen character or wear blue and/or white.

Parent Note:

As the day are now cold EVERY DAY, make sure your child wears a coat and/or clothes they can play outside in! If the high is above 40 and concrete/sky dry we will be going outside for at least a little bit.

Also, we do not have any accidents...but water, food, potty, all different things can happen. Many still only have shorts in their cubbies. If you wish, you can also send a pair of pants for JUST IN CASE times.

This Week's Theme: Winter Weather


  • Letter: Ww is for Winter Weather
  • Fine Motor Skills - Holding a Pencil
  • Compound Words
  • Building/Writing Names (some will be moving on to Last Names)
  • Recognizing/Counting/Writing the number 5
  • Color WHITE - sing, name, find!

Science / Social Studies

  • Winter Weather
  • Sorting Attributes - Freezing/Melting, Solid/Liquid

Mystery Readers - all new spots available with the 2016 New Year!

With the start of the 2016 New Year I still encourage as many parents/family members to sign-up for this great opportunity to bond with your child in our classroom.

If Wednesday JUST DOES NOT WORK for you, and you would still like to Participate in our Mystery Reader program I can usually make schedule arrangements with you.

Thank you for working together to fill our babies full of stories, laughter, and love! Visit the link below to sign up for a reading spot:

ABC Song: The Letter W, "Wonderful W" by StoryBots

Instant Ice

We are going to try the following experiment in class as a whole group, but I know my own kids love doing this so I thought you might like to try at home so that they can do individually as well :-)
Instant Ice - Waterbending In Real Life!
Big image

All About Us

Our classroom is a Pre-K mix of 3 and young 4 year olds that are always doing fun, artsy, creative learning! We love to dance, sing, create, and learn.