Panther Power is the Key.

Norfolk Junior High

By Cameron Korth

Nursery rhyme

A Puss ‘n Boots who came Fiddling out of a Barn!

When Puss ‘n Boots came fiddling out of a barn,

With a pair of striped bagpipes that were under his arm,

He could sing nothing but a fiddle Dee.

While a mouse named Stanford married a bumblebee, whose name was Daisy.

They will all have a wedding, at their best house.
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Spiders have their own ability to do stuff such as make webs, poison prey or predators.

The reason flies fly into the web is not because they can't see at all, it is because they can't see the web. Each spider has at least eight legs. It is hard to see spiders because they are camouflaged with flowers or stones. Female spiders can make more than 100 babies at one time. Spiders have two body parts(front and back).

Jumping spiders can jump nearly (40 km) long. The biggest spiders are tarantulas. The best way to avoid spiders is to leave them alone. Wolf spiders mostly live in dry climates. Spiders make webs first, then they put another layer, but this time it is very hard to see the layer. The spider you always avoid is the spider with the red hour glass symbol (black widow).

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Movie Review

Did you know these people known as the Avengers are actually mutants? They have powers that humans can’t understand. Each have a special ability that only they can harness. There is Iron man, Captain America, Black Widow,Thor, Hawk-eye, Loki, Hulk, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, (second) Hulk. I chose this because it was funny and had some extreme parts in it. The year it was published was 2012 when it was in stores. This movie is rated PG-13 due to the violence. Loki, Thor's evil brother, is in high security, but not for long with the help of his brother Thor because something very powerful is on the way to Earth. So it is up to the Avengers and Loki to stop this monster in its tracks. Will they be able to stop it? Watch it today. And by the way make sure everyone is with you, including your arch nemesis.
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Cameron Korth was still a student in high school living in Norfolk, Nebraska for school. He still does football, but stops at age 20, to get a job and hurry with school. His job is working for Wal-Mart until he had a enough money for a home. Then he went to college in Nebraska and wanted to work on math. His first job before Wal-Mart was McDonald’s because he needed to get started instead of going to a more advanced job. Near the age of 31, he enlisted into the Navy for the United States. Near thirty-five, he'll will be skinny and tall. Then he would not get married until 45. He'll be living in his home town in Nebraska. Then he would be able to be an auto mechanic and be able to use machinery, so then he can make his own game. His hobby is golf for fun. Then he would go to get new degrees to enhance his life. He would travel to Nevada, California, and Mexico to see his family and cousins. He hopes he can make those accomplishments in the future.

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Favorite app

The point of this game is strategy, planning, and quickness. You will encounter ferocious fiends that will try to put you down. You can also level up and up grade your troops to get better damage, health, and ability. There are four elements, FIRE, EARTH, AIR, and WATER! But each can be beaten by each, fire beats earth, earth beats air, air beats water, and water beats fire. The warriors that you use are like ancient legends or just some history fighters. But you can do adventure mode where you fight some elements you don’t have some are easy some are extremely hard to beat, unless you got potions such as BOOST potion, which gives you extra damage. MANA potion gives you your ability use. You could also fight Bosses, go inside missions, get money, fight the tower and win a prize, PVP, go into the portal, and get 10 red stones to get a legendary fighter. By the way this games has no cussing and no blood and gore.
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