Human Impacts On Ocean Ecosystems

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5 Ways Humans Negatively Impact Ocean Ecosystems

  1. Overusing Fertilizers: Excess fertilization produces runoff which enters groundwater where the water supplies are getting polluted.
  2. Oil Spills: Oil may be released into the ocean during an ocean spill, in which then the oil floats on the water and harms organisms.
  3. Littering: Trash such as plastic doesn't decompose on it's own. When you throw your waste on the ground, Chemicals from waste make it's way into water systems.
  4. Overfishing: When you overfish, you are removing too many fish at once that they cannot reproduce as quickly as they're leaving, until the whole species just dies out.
  5. Offshore Drilling: Basically working on oil hundreds of feet below the water.

Ocean Water Before And After Negative Impacts

5 Ways Humans Can Postively Affect The Negatives

  1. We can stop overusing fertilizer by making sure our crops are taken care of ON OUR OWN.
  2. Dawn Dish Soap & Dishwashing is helping save animals who have been involved oil spills. (see video below)
  3. Littering is being stopped everyday by fines that are very expensive. You won't throw your waste if you gotta pay!
  4. Overfishing is unintentional (unless you're a weirdo who likes killing fish). It's the demand for fish that makes fisherman feel the need to get more and more. If we stopped demanding or bought fish from a fish farm or something else, we could stop it. But to me there's no other way.
  5. If we stop offshore drilling, we can replace it with onshore drilling. Just facts.

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