Day Two Ruby Red Razzle Dazzle

Planting Seeds....

Check out TODAY's FABULOUS Gifts....OMG I want them BOTH!

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Gotta Let Them KNOW!

Your Day 3 Challenge is To Plant 10 Seeds for ONE MORE DECEMBER SHOW! You know you want've just got to work for it!

Whether you email, text or's up to you! But you've got to reach out to 10!!

Day 2:
Reach out to 10 prospective hostesses to book in tight for December.
After you've done it....respond to the post on FB.

Here is a link to our team page....

Words to Say

Here are some words to say that my dear friend, Carla Greengrass, uses...

Hi Sally!

Can you believe the holidays are just a few weeks away?! Crazy! I'm super excited though because we just announced our Holiday Shipping Promise! Which means any Trunk Show guest who places an order through 12/21 US/12/20 CA will receive their items in time for the holiday!

When I heard this, I IMMEDIATELY thought of you! You throw the best parties and know such fun gals. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Let’s do a Bubbly & Baubles holiday boutique trunk show next week! So fun! I feel like everyone has holidays on the brain and are so in the mood to celebrate! It is the perfect excuse to get the girls together.

I have X date and X date open. Which one works for you? You pull a list together of guest emails and I’ll do the rest. All of the ‘last minute’ lulus will LOVE this! Between our charms and engraved pieces, so many personal gift ideas -shipped in days! AND you will get all your gift shopping done FOR FREE with your hostess rewards!!! I’ll give you a call in a bit to follow up, talk ideas and firm up the date!

Day 2 Is Sponsored by Jennifer Bitar & Kristen Fine!

Jennifer Bitar ~ Star Stylist

My Story:

I had been in medical/surgical sales for over 16 years and when my daughter, Blake Sophie and I moved to OP, KS in September 2013 I decided to radically alter my life to be a SAHM because I didn't want to travel and be away from her.

In January 2014 my fab friend, Christina Kamberis, asked if I would like to host a Trunk Show – I had never heard of S&D beyond some emails and FB posts. I quickly told her yes however I was interested in learning more about becoming a stylist. I signed up January 13th (without ever attending a trunk show or owning a piece of S&D) and had my first show on January 30th.

2014 has been an amazing ride and I hit Star in my first 90 days. I also hit my S&D income goal for 2014 and a few thousand more ;)

I recently went back to med/surg sales part time and am in the process of finding balance with new job, travel, Blake Sophie and keeping my S&D business alive and growing. I would love to hit Associate Director before Hoopla :)

My Top Three Tips!

1) Don’t be afraid to proudly share your Stella & Dot story to anyone that you know or meet. Especially those people that say, “Oh, I love your necklace, your bag…etc."

2) Set YOUR goals and then track them. You should always know how much more you need to do to hit YOUR goals!

3) Work YOUR Plan and PLAN YOUR Work - you must schedule S&D only time!

My gift:

Fendi Sunglasses (picture attached) - I have a sunglasses addiction – you can never have too many!!! These retail for over $275 :)

Favorite Moments...

Three of my favorite Stella & Dot moments - so hard to narrow down to 3!!!

1) Having Tara Renze introduce me to Jessica Herrin and having a fantastic one-on-one convo with the two of them!

2) Being asked to speak on a panel at my first Hoopla (hate this pic - apparently this dress is way more flattering in person because I got tons of compliments however it doesn't seem to photograph well) :)

3) Having a blast with my new Pacing Partner at Hoopla. Jean Sweet and I hit it off and had a so much fun making memories. I had to include two photos to commemorate this: first one is us with the Hoopla dancers and the second is us on some floor of the Hoopla hotel scarfing down bread & butter post dance party - fuzzy picture however it sums up the end of the night ;)

Kristen Fine - Star Stylist

My name is Kristen Fine and I have been a stylist since September 2012. I love Stella & Dot and all of the wonderful women that I have met along the way. Some of my best friends are stylists and crazy how our paths would have never crossed had it not been for this amazing opportunity.

My biggest tip is to let your passion show, be joyful and GREAT things will come to you!!
I'm giving away the Pop Fizz Clink Kate Spade Gia!! How fabulous is this .... adorable, chic, stylish and FUN!