ROMS--Collection Development Plan


Mission Statement

The mission of our media center is to provide students with the necessary tools and knowledge to become lifelong learners.

Student Data

Because the library's collection exists to serve the needs of students, the following data was collected to inform purchasing decisions:

  • Teacher Wish Lists
  • Student Survey
  • EVAAS Data
  • STAR Reader
  • PowerSchool Data (Homebase)

Curriculum Ties

Because of the student data collected above, the following curriculum areas have been identified as collection development priorities:

  • Generalities (000)
  • Science (500)
  • Techonolgy (600)

Stakeholder Validation

Because the library serves the entire school community, the following stakeholders were involved in this development plan:

  • Principal (Go over data and advocate for the program)
  • MTAC Team (Talk with teachers on their grade level to find out teachers' needs)
  • AIG Facilitator (Provide insight on materials that support rigor)
  • EC Teachers (Help direct areas where students are at risk)
  • Literacy Coach, Amy Keith (Knowledge of NRMPS Literacy Plan to drive instruction)
  • Educational Specialist, Diane Rigsby (Knowledge of Secondary Social Studies Curriculum)


Because library collections exist to serve the needs of students, they will be marketed in the following ways to ensure that they reach the very learners that they target.

  • New Book Display (After Book Fair)
  • Newsletter (Outlines the purchased material and how/why they were selected)


Because research shows that students who have access to high quality library collections that have been curated by qualified library media coordinators, the following steps will be taken to connect access to these materials to student learning:

  • MARC Record (Create a 599 tag stating why the book was purchased...i.e. 7th grade science)