How effciency changed the world

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Time management and use

Started approximately 1816-1837. This is when Eli Terry redesigned and simplified clock movements to allow mass production of it. There are quite a few different people who are considered important to time management. Thomas Newcomen is one of them. He created the steam engine in 1712 which allows faster travel between land, faster transport of goods, and more railroads being constructed. The steam engine is not very useful yet, but will later be of great value. James Watt then improves on the steam engine, making it more efficient. Samuel Morse in 1844 invents the telegraph, allowing messages to be sent out quickly on a wire.

Why was this important ?

It allowed for efficient time use which resulted in faster production of goods. Farms could be cropped faster then ever, allowing people to eat more. Books could be printed so people could read. Cars were manufactured, allowing more people to go mobile.

Impacts within Great Britain

Social- Gave more people at home for other activities such as taking care of household chores, reading books, etc. When the telegraph is made, people can communicate with each other at a much faster rate. Since the steam engine was made, there are more railroads that need to be made, allowing more jobs to be taken by society.

Economic- Allowed greater production of goods, allowing more to be purchased and consumed by the public. Cars could be made in an assembly line, allowing more to be made at a cheaper price. Most of these goods were mass produced which used cheaper materials in order to make many more goods.

Political- Many inventions were patented, such as the cotton gin, which allowed the process of separating cotton seeds from cotton fiber. A patent is a government authority or license conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention.

Impacts within the world

Social- No matter people were, most were benefited, whether it be a small benefit or huge benefit. It gave them more time to do what they pleased or needed to do.

Economic- Could be the same as Great Britain. More goods are produced.

Political- Any inventions made could be patented as well.

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Modern day counterpart, what is it?

The continuation of efficient usage of time, through methods of clock based reminders and alerts, such as the digital alarm clock. The clock is now much more accurate, which allows even greater efficient use of time. There are other methods of time management such as the contemporary approach. This approach, aims at prioritizing various tasks and events, but aims at prioritization based on importance of the task rather than the urgency. This approach also concentrates on the efficient and proactive use of the various time management tools.