GoL (sitting in lambo pt. 2)

Wanna see our life? Never mind you will see anyways.

The Long Journey Home.

That bacon was good fam. But I have to drive back home to LA because the Dodgers have a game, and I might need to fire Joc Pederson. Oh yeah. I am the general manager, and I make all of the trading decisions.

That Was Quick

Whenever I came home, I was welcomed by my wife Ariana grande, who is a smoky supermodel who makes $999,999 per year. then there is my daughter, dawn, and then Caedens son, Caeden Jr. as i imagined, Caeden was last to meet me, but they smell like fish anyways.

The Very Next 6 Hours

When I woke up I flew my private jet to downtown LA, which is 15 minutes away by car, and fired the dodgers center fielder, because he hasn't had a hit in 6 at bats. The dodgers won 13-12 in a 3 inning overtime.

Why Im Here

Everybody who has ever lived on the planet called earth knows that I am the most popular/famous person alive (and Ariana is second), which is why i get paid $997,000 per year. I was chosen to be the gm, because of my performances at Michigan St. I chose M.SU., because of its low,low,low cost of 14k/semester.
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Sick Hurdle Right?

Talking about my tuition at Michigan state reminds me of my bills, which I literally have 1 hour and 30 minutes to pay my bills, and because I am a loser who makes only 997,000/year, I will show you my bills, (courtesy of geico. only 15 minutes could save you 15%or more on car insurance)

I Shouldnt've Bought All Of Those Things

After looking at the money I have to pay, I regret buying a $250,000 private jet. Just kidding, I regret nothing. Well here is my list of monthly bills.

-House payment, $34,722.22 (other half is payed by Caeden.)

-Car payment, $19616

-Groceries, $250

-Gasoline, $95.20

-Electricity, $680

-Water/Trash, $340

-Verizon Phone Bill, $200

-Internet, $60

-Netflix, $8.99

-Geico Home Insurance, $114.11

-Geico Car Insurance, $110.96

-Student Loans, $14,000 (For only four months)

-Health Insurance, $120.22

-Shoes, $2500

-Shirts, $2000

-Fresh Clips, $150

-Christ Necklace, $1500

-24k Joggers, $240

-Daycare, $2000

-Private Jet, $2500

I Feel Kinda Bad

I had to lay off Zach Greinke, because he nailed this poor batter in the back. this new job is tough, but hey, at least we don't have to pay him $250,000,000. Here's a pic of the fight.
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That's My Time.

Well I have to fly my brand new private jet back to Austin because im in the mood for more bacon. Maybe Caeden can show you around?

I'm Caeden

Hey, I'm Caeden, and I will show you around the house while Chris is at BACON.

So that is basically our house, but Chris reminded me to show you the bills I have to pay.

-House payment, 34,722.22

-Car payment, 21,962.75

-Groceries, 180

-Gasoline, 90.80

-Electricity, 680

-Water/Trash, 340

-Phone Bill, 200

-Internet, 60

-Netflix, 8.99

-Geico Home Insurance, 114.11

-Geico Car Insurance, 110

-Student loans (four months only), 14,000

-Health Insurance, 120.22

-Clothes, 4000

-Movies, 1000

-Accessories, 2000

-Silver Lab, 520

-Savings, 1000

-Fun Money ,842.57

This is my budget

Because you know I am a head coach for the 76 ers a basketball team in California.
By the way Chris is defiantly the won who smells like a fish according to his wife ariana speaking of Chris he drives a lambo and I drive a Ferrari 458 spider.
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That's my car and Chris's car is so bad I won't show you it.

By the way the car doors open up.

My Job

My job is so hard I have to help the bad basket ball team 76 ers start winning (which that might be impossible)

By The Way

I make $81,944.44 a month and $983,333.33 a year.