By: Jaimie Deschand

School Lunches

So, what do you think of your school lunch? Is it tasty? Is it gross? How about Tiger lishous? Here at Theisen Middle school, some say that the lunch here is unhealthy, but... some say it’s wonderful. Some parents don’t like their children having the school lunch because they think that it’s unhealthy for them, but that’s not even the lunch lady’s fault. The lunch ladies can't even decide , the lunch ladies make sure the meal is prepared the healthiest it can be yet still very tasty.For all you hot lunch haters here at Theisen Middle School, you don't have to have the main lunch. There is healthy salad bar where you can make your own salad! So come on now, let's all have a Tiger- lishous Day!

Now, have you ever thought of our school lunch being weird? Well, I can tell you that there is a lot more weird lunch choices that are not at Theisen. Marshfield has Shamrock Nuggets, and Chicken Giggles. Shamrock Nuggets are actually not as weird as you might think. They're really just nuggets shaped like a four leaf clover. Now, Chicken Giggles on the other hand, are made of chicken patties and look really flat. Plus they are given a smile to fit their giggly name.