Christmas Light Webquest

Aubrey Willis

Question and Hypothesis

How does the circuit effect the lights shown?

IV: parallel circuit DV: number of volts

If the Christmas lights are arranged in a parallel circuit then, when 1 bulb bursts (is removed) the other bulbs will still light up.

Screenshot 1


The parallel circuit worked very well. The lights were very bright. Also, the electrons were moving very fast, and the lights stayed on for a long period of time.

Screenshot 2

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If the Christmas lights are arranged in a series circuit then when 1 bulb bursts (is removed) then the other lights will not light up.

When a bulb was removed, the lights all shut down, and stopped working. They also were not as bright as the parallel circuit.

Screenshot 3

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When a bulb was removed from the parallel circuit, the lights all still lit up. The light had no effect on the other bulbs.

Screenshot 4

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When the bulb was removed in a series circuit, the other lights stopped working completely.
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In conclusion, the best type of circuit to use for Christmas lights is the parallel circuit. The lights stayed glowing even when the light was removed.