Butler Tutoring Services

Faculty Update

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About Us

BCC Tutoring Services are located on both the Andover and El Dorado campuses, with Online Tutoring available via Canvas and Pipeline. Students can study in our center/labs Mon.- Thurs. 8:00 am- 8:00 pm and Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. View the Butler Tutoring Schedule for tutoring hours for specific subjects. We provide tutoring for most general education subjects such as math, english, science, etc. Computers are available for students to check their email and complete assignments. All Tutoring Services are FREE OF CHARGE!!!


In terms of outreach, we do what we can to spread the word to students about Butler's FREE tutoring services. This semester I have visited several classrooms and announcements have been posted in Pipeline. In addition, we have scheduled dates and times to set up tutoring tables around campus, so students can visit with us about tutoring and grab information.

Throughout the semester please look out for emails regarding tutoring schedules and referrals for applicants for Tutor Ambassador positions.

New Initiatives and Areas of Exploration

  • We have signed up for REMIND- a online notification app. Students who opt in can receive alerts of tutoring schedule changes.
  • Follow us on Twitter -ButlerCC Tutoring or @Butler_Tutoring

Getting Students Connected

  1. List tutoring information in course syllabus
  2. Take a class tour or direct them to our website
  3. Encourage and remind students to seek tutoring early and often
  4. Make it an assignment