October Newsletter

Northside Elementary School

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R.O.A.R. Model of the Month: Corey Dupree

1st grade student, Corey Dupree, modeled R - Ready to Learn this month. Corey is a synchornous learner getting all of his first grade skills from home on his iPad. He has done a wonderful job engaging with his school work and showing up to Mrs. Brinser's class with his teacher and peers on a consistent basis. He is pictured above with his digital ROAR Ticket!

One Tough Month!

As COVID-19 continues to bring challenges, I want to highlight the work our staff has done. The Northside staff have been nothing short of monumental in their ability to plan, prepare and plan some more to help our students feel loved, engaged, and equipped whether with us in person or learning from home. It feels like we have been teaching for 5 months rather than 5 weeks. Please thank them for the work they are doing, the hours they are putting in, and let others know the incredible things happening at Northside!

Our circumstances have changed, but our mission has not. We will continue to put kids first and hope all students are able to come back to Northside sometime soon. Please let us know how we're doing this school year. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am available whenever you need me.

As students take devices home each evening, I encourage you to put the device away once homework is complete. Charge the device and engage in activities with others, like playing outside. Also, please always use your device as though you are in the classroom with your teacher - only view appropriate content and follow our school rules with the device.

-Mr. Applequist

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Dates to Remember in October

October 12 - Teacher In-Service - No School for Students

October 16 - FALL PICTURE DAY!

October 20 - PTO Meeting

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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Northside has done a wonderful job keeping our students and staff safe. Northside teachers and staff are leading by example and following the 3 W's.

  1. Wash your Hands
  2. Watch your Distance
  3. Wear a Face Covering

You can view our district's Health and Safety Plan by clicking the link.

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Counselor's Corner - Welcome, Mrs. Snook!

Northside Elementary welcomes our newest staff member, Mrs. Snook, to Northside! Mrs. Snook will be our guidance counselor for the next couple of months and she's been doing an incredible job getting to know our students and building relationships.

As we find ourselves in new and uncharted territories, it can cause an increase in anxiety in both children and adults. Adults play an important role in helping children understand how to react to events happening right now. The National Association of School Psychologists recommends these tips regarding COVID-19:

  • Stay calm, listen and provide reassurance: Children will react to and follow your reactions. They learn from your example and have an opportunity to learn appropriate problem solving skills.
  • Monitor what your children watch on T.V. or Social Media: only provide developmentally appropriate information regarding COVID-19 and be aware that watching too much COVID-19 updates can be anxiety producing
  • Model basic hygiene and healthy lifestyle practices: teach your child important hygiene tasks (washing hands, avoiding touch face, etc) and abide by social distancing rules
  • Be aware of your child’s behavior and signs of increased anxiety: take time to talk to your child about their fears, focus on positives, establish a routine, keep busy with activities, practice deep breathing exercises or other coping skills, and offer lots of love and affection
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Reading Nook - Mrs. Walters & Mrs. Talmadge

The Northside family welcomes Mrs. Katelyn Talmadge, Reading Specialist to the Northside faculty. Mrs. Talmadge is filling in for Mrs. Lindsey Walters who is currently serving as a Cougar Academy Learning Coach.

Mrs. Talmadge has been with PASD for nine years. She served as a second-grade teacher and then a Reading Specialist at Lingle Elementary. Mrs. Talmadge joins Mrs.Terri Brier, Reading Specialist and Mrs. Carrie Marcheskie, Reading Instructional Aide as part of the NS Reading Team.

Helpful Hints: To support student literacy growth at home check out the list of online reading resources:

Parent Literacy Information: Virtual Connection

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Northside Renovation Updates:

At this time, Northside Renovations are complete! Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to have visitors. As soon as we are able to allow families into the building, we will allow a time to tour our updated look! Here's a look at our new secure vestibule!

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