Official PLD Young Life Newsletter

Fresh info for Parents and Friends -- May 2015 Edition

It's Time for Pancakes!!

Dunbar Young Life is hosting its first ever pancake breakfast this Saturday (May 9th) at the Beaumont Center Texas Roadhouse. We're going to raise stacks on stacks of PANCAKES for everyone to enjoy. Breakfast is from 8-10am, so set your alarms..and bring your kids, your wife, your friends, 'cause we feedin' everybody! Breakfast is $5 and will be served by Dunbar Juniors and Seniors -- how cool!!

Come out and support a great cause!!

RSVP (if you like, not required) here: Evite Link

I'll eat that... A video from YL Club

I'll Eat That -- Dunbar Young Life
What you're seeing above ^^^^

Joe is winning at the challenge "I'll eat that"... Watch him as he destroys a burrito filled with jelly, salsa, taco mix, relish, hot dogs and dog food. Woof.

Highlights :: Dunbar Goes to High Bridge

Summer Camp is just around the corner, sign up now!

Young Life Camp is held at Windy Gap in Weaverville, NC from June 28th - July 4th. It will absolutely be the best week of any kid's life, guaranteed! Space is limited and spots are filling. Fundraising options are available. Sign up today!

For more info, contact Brian Lawless (or any other leader) at 859.913.0031.

Sign-Up Online:

Camp Video:

Camp Site:

(See the video below. We "borrowed" it from another YL Group, so the dates are wrong, but the video is great!)

Windy Gap Promo 2015


  • May 9: Pancake Breakfast
  • May 13: Club!
  • May 18: Senior Club!
  • June 28 - July 4: Camp!

Campaigners is held weekly at the Bravard's house. Sunday's, 7:45pm at 1412 Glenview Drive.

Check our Twitter and Instagram pages for updates on events (times, locations, ect.).