Heather's Home Life

Issue 7 | December 2019

Reflecting on 2019

Imagining what comes next occupies much of my thoughts. I wonder at what the future has waiting for my children, am eager to watch it unfold for Michael, and worry about making it as meaningful as possible for all of them.

But, there is very little I can do about what comes next for Michael and our kids. Their lives are their own, and much of my role in helping shape and enhance them depends on my satisfaction with myself. So, I luxuriate in the wide-open plain that is my future, and my imagination gets the better of me. More often than not, goals and dreams seem difficult to achieve, or so remarkably similar to my actual life that I have to force myself to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes, however, the stars align - when what I want, what I need, and what I find accessible - converge to form a new path on my journey. That's what Real Estate was in 2019.

This year, I took a step in a new direction and worked hard. Four families allowed me to help them find homes, represent them through negotiations, and hand them keys when the thing was done. My hope was to help one family in my first year in business, and I got to help four. It was a good year, and I'm grateful.

As ever, I am curious to see what 2020 brings. I will jump at opportunities to help, teach, and cheer folks along as they pursue home ownership, and be open to new things I didn't see coming. I hope our paths cross this year. If they don't, may 2020 be a year full of realized dreams and celebrations of the good things in life - big and small.

What To Expect in 2020

Housing market forecasters are already painting a picture for next year, with Millennial buyers and astute owners dominating the landscape. According to Realtor.com, buyers aged 30-40 will represent 50% of the buying population, a fact that warrants consultation with a Realtor if you're ready to consider listing your home - Millennials know what they want. Interest rates will remain friendly, but sluggish inventory and prices will challenge buyers and sellers, in kind. In fact, according to area appraiser Ryan Lundquist, we're seeing a lack of on-market options in the $300-$400k range in Sacramento, a data point I'm watching closely as this is where the median sale price in our region falls.

There are ever-present forces at work beyond any single person's control in the housing market. It takes the personal touch of a Realtor to guide folks through the process. Houses WILL sell in 2020 and people WILL find their next homes, especially in Sacramento where affordability remains one of the region's greatest draws.

I'm all ears if you have thoughts or questions about a big move in the future. It's never too early to add me to your team. And remember, as a BUYER you don't pay a thing for my time, care, and expertise.

Birthday Celebrations in San Diego

Early in the month, Mike and I took a quick trip to San Diego to celebrate my brother Benjamin and his wife Janelle's 30th birthdays. The weekend filled my cup.

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Thanksgiving in NYC

Food and Clothing Drive Recap

November's canned food and clothing drive in support of the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services was an amazing success! Thank you to friends and neighbors who took the time and effort to get their donations to my home. We filled an entire barrel almost immediately, and the Food Bank had to pick it up and deliver a second one! WOW!

Congratulations to the Aria Collective!

This month's shout-out goes to Carly Giroux (@carlyhairdesign) and her crew of fabulous stylists and beauty artists at the Aria Collective in Midtown Sacramento.

Carly does my hair (very well, I might add), and she just relaunched her salon with an accompanying event space called The Studio. Think: a place to get ready for your wedding or special event, a spot to get a blow out with your friends before your 40th birthday bash, or a classroom where Carly offers intimate tutorials on the things we all pretend to know about hair and self-care, but don't (like, say, how to braid or use a curling iron or what hair powder is). The Studio is unique and beautiful, and I was proud to sponsor the bar at the launch event earlier this month.

CHEERS to you, Carly. You're goals!

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Live & Celebrate on Candy Cane Lane

Don't forget to add holiday lights to your December to-do list! My favorite spot? My street, of course! Head over 53rd and S Streets in Elmhurst to take in our sweet arches and enjoy a low-key and festive evening. Also, be sure to tune in to Channel 13 on December 13th to see Dave Bender broadcast live from our street!

And, if you or someone you know is looking for a rental opportunity near the city core, please feel free to pass on my information! There is a recent vacancy on our fabulous little street, and we're a welcoming bunch.

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Happy Holidays!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,

Let your heart be light.

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"It's like, I walk outside sometimes and I feel like I have an abundance, and so I feel like I need to share it and serve in all the ways that I can find." - Chance the Rapper