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5/16/16 Faculty/Staff News - Bonnie Hall, Principal

We Crown Thee

On Wednesday afternoon, Katie Ramirez and her Court will crown the statue of the Blessed Mother during our school's May Crowning. Our 8th Graders will present a Living Rosary. This is a beautiful tradition in Honor of a Beautiful Lady, Our Lady. In a month that's action-packed, let's remember to take time for simplicity, beauty, and through it all to say "yes" to God just as Mary did with unwavering faith-filled hearts.

Blue Mass Friday

We are honored to celebrate and pray for those who serve us every hour of every day...our police departments and fire departments. St. Ann's Blue Mass will take place on Friday, May 20th at 1 p.m. The Mass will be celebrated by our Fr. Bill, whose own dad was a Chicago Police Officer.

Lansing PD Observes our Lockdown

Yesterday, two officers from the Lansing Police Department requested that I place the school on a "hard" lockdown for drill purposes. They observed very, very closely. Thank you for preparing the children well and "disappearing" quickly and quietly. They presented me with a new "script" to say which is similar to what we have been using. I will share their feedback at Tuesday's Faculty Meeting. We did very well.

Janice Saves "Junior"!

If you haven't heard the news, be sure to congratulate Mrs. Summerrise on her latest accomplishment: she saved a duckling. That's right...Janice returned a wayward duckling to his mother (who was quite vocal and distressed that Junior wandered away in the first place). I spotted Junior waddling around the piazza when I pulled into my parking spot early Tuesday morning. Mrs. Hess greeted me with, "We have a situation" motioning to Junior. Then quick as a wink, Janice found gloves and scooped up the baby up to everyone's relief.

Later in the day, Mother Duck paraded her family away. Two eggs remain. Stay tuned!

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Marshall's Memo


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