Understanding by Design

UbD in the Arts - ROCORI Public Schools

Goals for Today's Work:

1) Gain a baseline understanding of trends within arts education that connect to the Understanding by Design process.

2) Gain a basic understanding of Understanding by Design and it's applications.

3) Start employing UbD processes with at least a unit or series of learning events.

Minnesota Artistic Literacy Graphic

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National Core Arts Standards Explained - from NAEA

NAEA Next Generation Arts Standards - Created by Heather Martinez
Frequently Asked Questions about UbD

FAQ regarding the UbD process.

The Future of Arts Education Presentation

This comprehensive presentation includes many components including: National Core Arts Standards, UbD, 21st Century Skills and Future Readiness, etc. It includes our UbD presentation.

UbD Prioritization Tool

Concentric circle planning tool for establishing essential knowledge, skills, and learnings.

Glossary of Assessment Terms

Assessment terms used commonly through the UbD process.

Assessment Framework Checklist

This is one assessment framework that might be considered in our work today.

Model Cornerstone Assessment Template

This template can be used when trying to align your UbD curriculum into a multifaceted plan for student learning. This template works best with multiple lessons, themes, or larger learning plans.

Arts and the Common Core: Links Between CCSS and NCAS

A comparison student between the links of the Common Core State Standards the National Core Arts Standards. This document may allow you to see some of ways big ideas can links in and through your arts area to inform other learning areas.

Perpich Center UbD Template

There are many UbD templates with minor deviations within in them. This one if offered from the Perpich Center for Arts Education.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills Website

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is a national organization that advocates for 21st century readiness for every student. Learn more about the Partnership and the Framework for 21st Century Learning.

UbD In-a-Nutshell Handout

This is a short and comprehensive introduction to the Understanding by Design process.

Arts & Cultural Context and Critical Response Tools

You will find many resources for reaching the Mn Academic Standards in the Arts that center on the inclusion of the MN tribes and communities here. You will also find links to the Critical Response and Descriptive Review protocols that we used.

Respond Tools (Critical Response/Descriptive Review)

You will find the critical response and descriptive review content here. This is the process we used to "read" or surface understanding regarding an artwork. It can be used to do the same for a selection of music.