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What is cancer?

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells. Most of the cells are created to replace the cells that die and to allow for growth . when cells reproduce at an unchecked rate that's when cancer is present .

What is eye cancer?

Eye cancer is a malignant tumor of the eye tissue. The tumor might be a primary tumor which begins within the eye or can be caused by the secondary tumor which happens somewhere else in the body and is spread through metastasis.

Effects: What parts of the body are affected?

  • Eyeball
  • Orbit (eye socket)
  • Iris ( colored part of the eye ,Controls amount of light entering the eye)
  • Adnexal (eyelid & tear glands)
  • Cilinary Body ( mascular tissue that produces the watery fluid in the eye , helps eye focus)
  • Chorid ( layer underneath the retina) * most common site for a tumor *

Risk Factors / Symptoms

Risk Factors :Its anything that increases a person with anything that gives a chance to develop cancer .


  • People over 50
  • Average age is 55
  • Rare in children
  • People overage 70

  • Melanoma more common in white people
  • Melanoma less common in black people

  • Affects about the same equal amount of women & men.
Individual History:

  • Spots (around the eye)
  • Moles (around the eye)

Symptoms:How do you know you have it ?

  • Alternation in the shape of the pupil
  • Blurring/ loss of vision
  • Sensation of flashing lights
  • A growing dark spot in the iris

Treatments: What can be done for people?


  • Iridectomy: Surgical procedure that removes a part of the iris
  • Irido-Trabeculectomy: Procedure in which removes a tumor layer
  • Choroidectomy: Tumor removal in one piece
  • Enucleation: Surgical Removal without cutting it
  • Radiation Therapy: X-rays help destroy cancerous cells
  • Laser Treatment: Laser kills the cell of melanoma with beams
  • Cold Treatment / CryoTherapy: Helps destroy the tumor cells ,not used much .

Cures :are the treatments effective?

Yes !

Depending on how bad your eye is. Its better if you go get your eye checked as soon as you think somethings wrong with your eye so you can get treatment faster and a better probability to find a cure.

Prevention: Can this type of cancer be prevented ? how?

They don't really know what causes cancer in the eye .

Their is not really a known reason of a way to prevent on getting eye cancer.

You can try preventing it by using sunglasses while outside in the sunlight.

That is because sunlight causes most skin cancer.


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Researchers have found out that genes , proteins,and other factors may cause melonoma which is a big type of eye cancer.

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