Perseverance Infographic

By: Trevor Scott

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh had to persevere through major depression through most of his life. He had a wife but got a divorce. His depression led to half of his ear getting cut off. He also never had kids. His artwork effected us now because we see the hardship in his paintings and we can almost feel the sadness from the painting.
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Steve Jobs

First, Apple's Board of Directors decided to take his business in a different direction, so they fired Steve Jobs. Next, Steve had to build another business from scratch. Later he finally got one going just to realize that Apple wanted it and Apple was the one that took down his project. Last, he joined with Apple and Apple became a highly successful company.
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Thomas Edison

As a young kid he was pulled out of school because he was "stupid" and "unteachable". He spent teenage years trying to find a job and getting fired. Edison had a lot of adversities and examples of perseverance. One example of perseverance is him trying to get a job but he kept getting fired from that job. An example of adversity in his life was when nobody thought that he could succeed in school. They are very different. His adversity when people didn't believe in him to succeed. His perseverance was him trying again and again to get a job but it never worked out so he had to make something himself.
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