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Having a kid in the youth group has revealed this to me in a new way. Really, only three things matter to my incoming 8th grader, in this order.

1. Are my friends going to be there? If yes, I'll probably go no matter what it is.
2. Do I have anything else "better" going on? If yes, uh... I'll probably skip it. If no, sure... it's probably better than sitting around at home.
3. Does it sound fun/interesting? If yes, sure I'll go. If not, I'd rather just stay home.

Sound about right?

Ideas for Creative Publicity

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about planning programs for your community is when very few people attend. You spend time and money trying to plan an activity that you know they will love, yet you only get a handful of students showing interest.

One of the best ways to help eliminate this frustration is to make sure you advertise your program in an effective way. Here are some tried and true ways to make others aware of the programs you have worked hard to put together:


Table Tents









And do not forget the best way to advertise: WORD OF MOUTH!

The above methods of advertising your programs are well known and well used. Sometimes the key to getting your program noticed requires that you be creative with your advertising. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Here are some ways to try advertising that are not used as often:

Bookmarks: Put an advertisement for your activity on a bookmark and pass them out. They will be reminded of your event every time they look at it.

Door Hangers: Place the information about your program on a small sheet of paper and cut a hole out for the doorknob. You can hang these on doors and they will be sure the see them when they come home.

Footprints: Tape cut-outs of footprints on your floor with information about the activity. People are certain to peek at what they are looking at.

Mirror Messages: Use a dry erase marker and write an announcement about your program on the bathroom mirrors. These wash off and will give people something to look at while they wash their hands.

Puzzle Pieces: Make a large sign to advertise your activity. Then cut that sign up into smaller pieces and hang one piece up every day. Curiosity killed the cat and it will certainly keep others wondering what the full sign will say.

Unusually Shaped Signs: During the year, the halls get littered with photocopied signs about events. Make yours stand out by using color and/or odd shapes. Design your signs to match your activity.

Here are some more ideas for advertising your program:


Sidewalk Chalk


Fortune Cookies




Now that you have planned how you wish to advertise, WHERE do you advertise? You should focus your advertising on areas where your target audience gathers. Here are some suggestions of good places to advertise:

Bathroom mirrors


Bulletin boards

TV lounge



Laundry Room

Vending Machines




Your own excitement about your program will have a tremendous impact on others to attend. The more excited you get, the more interest they will show. Take pride in your effort and hard work! Get those participants to your activities!


No matter how or where you decide to advertise, you must keep a few things in mind:

-Hang signs only where allowed

- Do not damage any walls or floors by using adhesives or paints that will not come off

-Be sure to take down your advertising once your program has finished.

Up and Down

Advertising UP- At least 72 hours in advance
Advertising DOWN- Right after your event


Place on walls with blue tape (rolled up behind advertisement)
Push pins and staples on bulletin boards

JPG- Social Media

Use Powerpoint and Publisher to make JPGs

Use a Catchy Title

Nothing Offensive or misleading

Ex: Facebook Fiasco (How to Stay safe)
I'd Hit That (stress relief with pinata)
Love Your Selfie


Do Nots For Flyer

No copyrighted pictures
Fuzzy pictures

*Keep in mind that younger siblings come into the halls to pick up students.
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