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Stories take me on a trip to different places that are in the book. What I mean by take me is that my mind and imagination will make it so real to me and I see what the main character sees and knows what the main character knows sometimes I feel like I am the main character in that world.

About me as a reader

I love to read books and I am a big reader which that is me as a reader a bookworm. I learned to read when I was young, I don't think I was very good at grammar though. I am a slow reader, It takes me forever to finish a book. But while I am reading slow I am visualizing and picking up as many details as I can hold.

Latest Blog Entry

I am reading "Daniel X". It is a Si-Fi, fiction book. It is so far good I don't have any complaints except for the fact that he seems over powered. He is an alien hunter that only hunts alien outlaws and he is an alien giving him powers like the alien outlaws he hunts. All the outlaw aliens are after him and the List that has their names on it but it is going down fast as he takes them out.


My favorite series is "Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy". I have recently finished the last book, the series is 5 books long. My favorite book in the series is "The Resturant at the End of the Universe", the second book. It is about Aurther Dent who is trying to get to one of the best diners in the Universe when all of a sudden something happens getting him and his friends sidetracked. Trust me it is much better than I made it sound and it takes place with a bunch of freaky aliens that try to kill him or are just plain weird.
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A Song that Sums Up Reading for Me's_Theme.ogg

This song is from one of my favorite series and I love to listen to it. Listening to this song makes me happy and reading a good book makes me happy so I thought it was a good expression on how I feel while reading.

Paws To Read

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Recommendation on Where to go to Find Books

It has a pretty good selection of books and a bunch of other fun stuff that you can do related to books. I chose it because I tested it out and took a look around and it is very accurate when it describes the book.