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jacoresha williams 6th block 1/9/15

My First Semester

Advanced via individual determination (avid), has help me improve my this semester in many different ways such as: organization,neatness,doing community service,writing skills, etc. This semester i have been able to find my papers, if i drop my binder nothing falls out, and having to make Cornell notes has helped me also. All these things have helped me and will help me in the long run.

Some Strategies used in AVID

Every Tuesday and Thursday i get help from college tutors by making a TRF (tutor request form). A TRF is basically where you would write about a problem you have had trouble with, write vocabulary words with definitions, the essential question from the notes you would need to go with it, a POC ( point of confusion), and write and solve the problem then write the steps you used to solve it. we also use Cornell notes, so we dont forget what we have learned on a subject. Binder checks in avid come in multiple ways such as: full binder checks, either you have loose papers or you don't,and we check to see if anything comes flying out of your binder by shaking it by the rings.

How These Strategies Helped Me

These strategies helped in, organization,neatness,responsibility,etc. With the exception of these strategies i have improved to be the good Avid student that i am. My binder is neater due to the binder checks that we have, i do better on my homework that i have when i am using my Cornell notes,and so on.

What Will I Do Next Year?

Next semester I am not only going to be a good student in avid, I am also going to be a good student in all my classes. Using the resources provided to me will also help with that. Along with the advantages in avid will help like the binder checks ,The Cornell notes check,etc.
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