Arkansas Between The Wars

By Ethan Venable


The 1920's were known as the Roaring Twenties because of the booming economy. Many people moved from the farms to the city to began working in factories. Many people tuned

in to

the radio and heard comedy acts, detective stories, and jazz music. The first commercial radio station in Arkansas opened in Pine Bluff about this time called WOK. Movies also became popular during


Twenties. The earliest films were called silent movies because they had no sound. There was a new baseball team named the Little Rock Travelers as Arkansas's first professional baseball team.

Flood of 1927

Even though there were promises that new levees would prevent future flooding, there was a flood in 1927 that broke the levees and devastated people's lives, and animals, and property in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. There were many factors, including melting snow and months of heavy rainfall that caused the river to flow over its banks. As the Mississippi continued to rise, tributaries like the Arkansas and Red Rivers were also filling up. The swollen Mississippi could no longer take the drainage from the rivers feeding it. In the end the losses totaled up to $50 million.
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Oil and Boom Towns

In the booming economy of the Roaring Twenties, there were a group of people named "wildcatters" that launched a search all throughout the US for large underground oil reserves. The first big oil discovery in Arkansas happened near the small town of El Dorado.
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The Great Depression

There are many scholars today that will disagree about the what caused the Great Depression. Some people will say it was the growing gap in between the rich and the poor. Other people will claim American goods were being produced too quickly and that people couldn't buy them. So many frightened people tried to withdraw all their life savings from the bank. Many companies closed because they couldn't pay their workers. Then a drought hit Arkansas and much central USA. Blistering winds destroyed crops. So people began leaving their farms to look for food and work.
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