One boys dream is not what he expects

The bat boy is a very heartwarming story of a boy who has a dream of being a bat boy for the Detroit Tigers. After years of writing to the owner of Comerica park, Brian Dudley finally got the job. After a few weeks on the job he meets his favorite player Hank Bishop who turns out not to be the idol he wanted.

All Major League Teams have bat boys

Brian is the protagonist

The desired friendship Brian wanted with Hank Bishop. But they realized that they had a lot in common. With Brian's high school league and Hank in the MLB, they both were in a terrible hitting slump so they decided to train together.
Brian relates to old literature like Hermes being pretty much a servant for the gods bringing messages to them and delivering messages elsewhere. Brian brings bats and seeds and everything else the players need. The players are god and Brian is Hermes.
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THE BAT BOY by Mike Lupica