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Home Theatre Audio - The Basics

A lot of people recognize the benefits of having a home theatre system. Where else can you and your family enjoy a movie at a price of a DVD rental? So a lot of families invest in a big LCD TV and a DVD or Blu-Ray player. Some families even take it one step further and buy projectors and screens. But there is one thing that a lot of them overlook and it's home theatre audio.

It's a common misconception that the sound system of the LCD TV is enough for your entertainment. While it's true to some extent, you're missing a lot without a separate audio system. If you think your TV's audio is good, then you just haven't had the privilege of listening from a home theatre system with an audio set up. The difference is legendary.

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You can make the process of buying a complete system by buying a home theatre in a box because it comes complete with a home theatre audio system. It's literally a complete system that you can enjoy right out of the box. If you choose to buy them separately, here are the basic components of an audio system:


This is where the difference lies. You won't dare call your TV's speakers, speakers once you hear sounds coming from a complete speaker system. There should be speakers for five audio channels at the very least. The center speaker will go on top of your TV, two side speakers to be positioned at the sides of the TV, and two surround speakers on each side of the seating area. You can choose to buy a bigger set by buying a separate subwoofer for the low frequencies.


Simply put, they amplify the audio signals for the speakers. They're usually built into the speakers depending on the manufacturer.

3.Control Center

This is the brain of your home theatre audio system. This is the hub that controls all the basics like volume control, decoding of surround-sound and the likes. Your whole home theatre system is connected to it. This means that your TV and DVD player is connected to it.

Your first consideration should be the speakers. Choose wisely and it's easy to follow that up and have a good audio system. It's almost impossible to get good results with bad speakers so really take your time in deciding what to buy.

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