Ms Watkins' Class Update

August 30, 2013


Greetings parents, I will use this newsletter to keep you abreast of the happenings in your child's math class. I am here to help your child be successful in math and I welcome your assistance in helping me with this endeavor!! I hope that this year will be one of the best your child experiences in school!!

PreCalculus Webpage

Students should check this webpage daily. All assignments, quiz/dates, links to math resources, etc. will be located here.

Calculus Webpage

Students should check this webpage daily. All assignments, quiz/dates, links to math resources, etc. will be located here.


  • SLO's - Students will be completing the "Student Learning Objectives" pretest on Tuesday. This is not for a grade, but it is data on what your student knows and does not know pertaining to either PreCalculus or Calculus.
  • SUPPLIES: Students need to make sure that they have pencils, a TI Nspire calculator, several composition notebooks. colored pencils, personal pencil sharpener, tissue, and hand sanitizer.
  • TI-NSPIRE: The TI Nspire is the preferred calculator of the school. You may purchase another type of calculator, however, your student will have to be the "expert" for that calculator.
  • HOMEWORK: Homework is given daily. It may consist of reading, studying, notetaking, researching, doing problems, creating webguides, videos, etc. Whatever the case, students should spend at least 45 minutes of their time dedicated to math.
  • WEBPAGE: I have created a webpage for each course that I teach. Students are expected to visit it daily and keep abreast of assignments and due dates. I will not be posting assignments in the classroom.
  • TUTORIALS: Math Dept. tutorials are held on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30. Tutorials are a privilege, not a right. Tutorials are by appointment only. Students may sign up via a a google doc on my webpage and must obtain a pass from me the Monday prior to tutorial. Students must come with their notebook and their specific questions. I will encourage study sessions in my tutorials as I prepare my students for college survival.
  • TARDIES: Please remind students to come to class on time. Right now, the majority of tardies occur in First Period and after lunch.
  • DRESS CODE: Many students are following the dress code, YAY!! However, some are getting in trouble for wearing multicolored shoes (shoes should be white, brown, blue, or black) and outerwear (sweaters and jackets) that is not in school colors (outer wear should be white (not beige), navy blue, or hunter green.
  • LARGE BAGS: I know that large bags are stylish, however, they pose a safety threat. Large purses/handbags are not allowed in classrooms. If the bag is large enough to carry a book, it is considered a book bag and should be mesh or clear, otherwise it must remain in the locker.

Contact me!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns! E-mail is my preferred way to communicate, however, all forms of communication are welcomed.