Atakapa Tribe

By: Kameron Blaylock

Region of Texas

The Atakapa Indians live in the Coastal plains near Galveston.

Type of food they ate

Most of their diet consist of seafood, such as Oysters, Shrimp and Crab. Atakapa also hunted deer, buffalo, and alligators, and women gathered fruits.

How their food was obtained

The men were hunters, and fisherman.

The women were gathers and the cookers. They mostly gathered food

Type of dwelling they lived in

The Atakapa lived in grass covered huts, called wattles.

Weapons and tools they used

They used a variety of hunting weapons, including spears, blowguns, darts, and bows and arrows. Nets, bone hooks, and wires were also used in fishing.

Special traditions they had or religion

Many children liked going fishing and hunting with they're fathers. According to tradition, the Louisiana Atakapa came from the West, where their cultural kinsmen survived well into historic times

organization of leadership

The Atakapa people were divided up into family bands.

Where are they located now and what became of them

Right now the Atakapas live along the Gulf Shores.

A Unique fact

There were many traditional Atakapa legends and fairy tales. Storytelling was very important to the Atakapa Indian culture.