The Life cycle of a computer chip


Step one: Extraction

Get all of that silicon through blowing up a hole in the ground then drill holes lateral to the pit and make natural pillars to support the mine. Next is that gold basically gotten the same way as silicon. Copper CAN be used on the chips instead of copper but gold is better conductor.

Step two: Processing

NOW to make all of those hard earned materials to some use. First melt all of those silicon into a solid mono-crystal silicon then make a gold/copper wiring.

step three: Manufaturing

Cut the silicon ingot into wafer then line the gold/copper onto the wafer inside the clean room. This is simplified. you use the chips to make a processor which is a computer part.

Step four: Sale

Putting the product on the shelves and making money.
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Step five: Waste

You can either recycle or trash the damaged or old product.


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