Native American Sioux Culture


Each of the different Sioux tribes lived in different areas. Each tribe mainly resided in the plains. The Lakota tribe lived North and South Dakota, along with the Nakota tribe who also lived in Montana. The Dakota tribe had resided mostly in Minnesota and Nebraska.
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The Sioux tribes came from Minnesota using horses brought by the Spanish. They lived in teepees for quick mobility so they could easily follow the buffalo. The Sioux were known as great warriors and were feared by other tribes.
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Attitudes and Values

Family is considered the center of Sioux life, and children were the most important. Men were expected to provide for and defend the family. Hunting was taken very seriously and if someone were to break any hunting rules, they would have their teepee destroyed. Women were considered the matriarchs of the tribe. Sioux people are very spiritual. They believed in one God, Wakan Taka, or the Great Mystery. The people communicated with their God through music and dance. Another principle for the Sioux people was war and battle because that was how men gained prestige, which was reflected in the family honor.

Family Dynamics

Family was the mist important factor for the Sioux people. Their children were called Wakanisha, which means sacred, and they were the center of attention. Men protected their family while women took charge of the children and domestic life, including cooking, cleaning, and breaking down and rebuilding their homes when necessary.
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Recreational Pass-times

Many Sioux children like to go hunting and fishing with their fathers. Typically, Indian children had a lot more chores and less time to play than children now. Some small children had dolls and other toys to play with. Older children liked to play lacrosse. Sioux women are known for their quill work and bead work while the men are known for their elaborate buffalo-hide paintings. Storytelling is also very popular in the Sioux culture
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Sioux tribes engage in various ceremonies to maintain a connection to the Great Spirit. They have several traditional spiritual ceremonies including Keeping of the Soul, Rite of Purification, and Sun Dance. They are known for a ceremony called powwow, which was held at the same time each year and featured dancing, singing, and lots of food. Traditional clothing was made primarily from animal skin. Men wore typical deerskin shirts with leggings and women wore full length dresses with leggings underneath for warmth.