Prince Edward Island

The Beach Province!

Beginning of Prince Edward Island

The Blue Jay!

The provincial bird is the Blue Jay. On 1977 the Blue Jay was annouced the provincial bird. The Blue Jay likes to eat fruits, nuts, acorns, seeds, insects and a egg from another bird. In the autumn, it prepares for winter by gathering food like grains and seeds.
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Prince Edward Island!

Prince Edward Island has endless beaches. You can relax all you want! Prince Edward Island joined the confederation on July 1, 1873. This island can be found near the Atlantic Ocean. The Oak trees are known as the Oak of England. Prince Edward Island is one of Canada's ten smallest province.

The Lady's Slipper

Prince Edward Islands flower is called the Lady's Slipper and it is an orchid. It became the provincial flower on April 27, 1947. The Orchid grows in shady and moist woodlands. The Lady's Slipper blooms in late May and June.The pedals look like a bright pink pouch.
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Prince Edward Islands provincial flag

The provincial flag was adopted on March 24, 1964. The flag is a banner modelled after the provincial arms. The flag of Prince Edward Island consists of a golden lion on a red base in the upper third of the flag. The British lion represents Prince Edward Islands links with Britain. The coat of arms for the flag was adopted in 1905.
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The Red Oak Tree

The Red Oak tree, is commonly called northern red oak or champion oak. This tree grows straight and tall, to 28 meters (90 feet) exceptionally to 43 meters (140 feet) tall. It has stout branches growing at right angles to the stem, forming a narrow round-topped head.
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The Coat Of Arms

The Coat of Arms was adopted on December 13, 2002. In 1767, Prince Edward Island was known as St. Johns Island to become a British colony and was granted a Great Seal. Two Silver Foxes support the Shield. In the later years 19th century, the rare Silver Fox, native to Prince Edward Island, was prized for its fur.
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The History of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward was the fourth son of King George, the third. King George is the father of Queen Victoria. Prince Edwards full name is Edward Augustus. He was born November 2, 1767 and died January 23, 1820 at the age of 52.
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Yummy Food

Prince Edward Island loves lobster! Lobster is the number one food people in Prince Edward Island love to eat. They also like clams and shrimp. The people in Prince Edward Island love to eat clams with gravy, shrimp with lettuce, and lobster with lemon and potatoes.